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DEAD INSIDE – coming May 31st in ebook and August 22nd in paperback

OMG I am going to be published!!

I just thought I would add another tab to my site for any of you who are interested in keeping up with my writing and book news. I will include links below where all the latest news can be found and where you can subscribe as and when I get things up and running. I’m not going to set up a whole new website (I can just about cope with what I have right now) so anything to do with my writing will also be included on my blog and then I will just update the links here. After all, I will be too busy writing to have a lot to say, right!?

Thank you all for your support and I can’t wait until you read my book! 


ANNOUNCEMENT: https://crimebookjunkie.co.uk/2018/10/do-you-want-to-know-my-secret/

COVER REVEAL: https://crimebookjunkie.co.uk/2018/12/deadinside-coverreveal/

Identity Crisis: https://crimebookjunkie.co.uk/2019/07/whoami-identity-crisis/

What are people saying about Dead Inside?

OMG I have an #authorpage! 🤣

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