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Sharona Waters is determined to dig into loan shark Dessie Dolan’s business and see him brought to justice. But when a young woman she’s only briefly met goes missing, a much darker story emerges.

Pulled into the ruthless world of people trafficking – a world built on violent brutality and sudden death – Sharona finds herself caught between crime and conscience, pursued by powerful and ruthless criminals, and just one bad decision away from having her whole world crash down.

Sometimes, the only way forward is to risk everything, no matter the cost.

Set in the ‘Irish Midlands’ of Ganestown, this novel is full of revenge, exploitation, violence, fear and a search for the truth.

WOW! This was not what I as expecting at all! An intriguing opening had my synapses sparking and that was it, I was hooked and in for the long haul. Quite a gritty read, a bit of a fabulous mash up between a dark gangland thriller and twisty crime thriller – two of my favourite genres!

A wonderful and diverse mix of characters had my emotions going – fear for them, fear OF them, empathy, anger – holy bejesus, I was all over the place. They were well developed and definitely had me in the moment. Some were brutal, some were sassy but each played a part in moving this story forward.

Would I recommend this book? You bet your ass I would. If you like raw, twisty, steely reads that get your pulse pounding as you turn the pages… I recommend you grab this stat!