The Method: Claire Knight *Guest Review*

Happy Friday, folks!  Today my fabulous guest reviewer Claire Knight, shares her thoughts on Shannon Kirk’s The Method…..


You’re sixteen, you’re pregnant and you’ve been kidnapped.

If you’re anyone else you give in, but if you’re a manipulative prodigy you fight back in the only way you can. You use what you’ve been given against your captors.

You have only one chance to save your life and that of your unborn child. You’re calculating, methodical, and as your kidnappers are about to discover, they made a big mistake in abducting you.

What happens when the victim is just as dangerous as the captors?

Claire’s Rating: 3.5/5

Claire’s Review:

The synopsis of this book really intrigued me. A precocious pregnant teenager from a well-to-do background being kidnapped. And then I started hearing promising reviews for the book so I was even more intrigued.

The first couple of chapters really confused me, they were very wordy but given the narrator was this precocious super intelligent teenager, they made sense. It took a little getting used to.

I didn’t warm to the main character Lisa, I get she’s meant to be this super brain but by the time she did anything remotely unselfish, she’d really turned me off liking her. She’s

I have to say the second half of the book was much better than the first half. The pace increased, my interest started to pique. I’m not saying this is a bad book, it just wasn’t a book for me. I think I’m in the minority who didn’t gel with the story. We can’t all love the same books otherwise life would be boring!!

Thanks to Oceanview Publishing and Netgalley for my ecopy of The Method (formerly known as Method 15/33).

Thanks, Claire! If this review has piqued your interest, just click the book below!


2 Replies to “The Method: Claire Knight *Guest Review*”

  1. good insights Claire and I like the way you pulled no punches – – what is reviewing if it is not assessing what works and what doesn’t – – no apologies needed!