Pursue Your Dreams…

#AllTheEeeeeeeek’s and #AllTheOMFG’s!!!!! I have been extremely well behaved in containing my excitement (except of course for all the teasing…#MyBad) but I am over the friggin moon to finally be able to say: I am leaving my job of 18 years in Probation to work for THE best digital publishing company/team in the UK…BOOKOUTURE! ….I was shouting there….could you hear me? The smile on my face these last few weeks has been really ticking my co-workers off…Sorry..not sorry! And in case I didn’t shout loud enough on the day….here is the link to check it out yourself! http://www.bookouture.com/2017/06/19/noelle-holten-joins-bookouture/

My passion for #AllTheBooks and #AllTheAuthors has finally led to a dream come true opportunity and I am still pinching myself to make sure it is real! Well, I handed in my resignation…so I hope that I haven’t had a moment of delusional madness and made this whole thing up!! ??

I cannot wait to work alongside the ever-so-awesome Kim Nash as a PR & Social Media Manager starting July 10th! For about 9 months now, thanks to my fairy godmother- Kim Nash, I have been working freelance for Bookouture and have LOVED every minute of it. Doing this allows me to earn extra income, but most importantly, for me, this means I get to do what I love which is writing. When the AMAZING Oliver Rhodes & WONDERFUL Kim Nash hinted that they could turn my dreams of working in the publishing industry into a reality, I was excited at the prospect but also scared of leaving a job that I was good at, was relatively stable and pretty much the career path I thought I would be in until I retired. But sometimes you have totake a leap of faith and trust in the magic of new beginnings”. I think the key to overcoming the fear is ensuring that you have fully prepared for finding work outside of your original career path. Having a stellar resume is perhaps the most important part of this and so many people look towards professional writing services, like Ohio ARC Resumes, to help them with this.

The whole Bookouture team are AWESOME! I have not come across a more dedicated, passionate and completely professional team who believe in their authors and do everything they can to make their books successful. To be a part of that….well….WOW! Words fail me. Simply A-maze-ing! ?

I am not going to go into details about why I was so keen to leave probation because (a) I don’t want to bore you or moan and (b) I am still employed by them for the time being! ?? But needless to say, Probation is a very stressful job, so now the only killers I have to worry about are those on the pages of a book……and that is pure gold!

And to top the most PERFECT day off, I found out I won an award on Feedspot Top 100 blogs!! Well, my blog did! How fabulous is that! Read more about it HERE.

I am ever so grateful and overwhelmed by all the wonderful, uplifting and simply amazing comments, messages and support given to me. I can’t possibly name you all, but you know who you are. Thank you so much for being you, and allowing me…to be, just weird, wild and crazy ‘ol me!

I also want to give a MAHOOSIVE shout out to David & Kelly McCaffrey of Britain’s Next Bestseller. This wonderful pair took a chance and gave me the most amazing opportunity by appointing me as a Manuscript Advisor for the crime genre/submissions that came in. Although it was only for a short time, I LOVED every minute of it and will always be grateful for their belief in my skills! THANK YOU ?

Last and final words: Never ever give up on your dreams…pursue them with passion, believe in yourself and one day you will make those dreams a reality – I did! #BOOM ??

21 Replies to “Pursue Your Dreams…”

  1. Congratulations and certainly one of the best and most entertaining “life change” job announcements I’ve read in quite a while. Doing what you love for a living is truly a blessing.

    David Liscio
    –author of Deadly Fare

  2. Hi Noelle. So amazing to hear that dreams do come true! Congrats! Can I ask, what were you doing for Bookouture on a freelance basis and what are you going to be doing for them full time? Hugs. Kim

  3. HI Noelle
    I, too, am a former probation and parole officer who left because it was too high stress and I ended up becoming ill. I am now a full time writer and love it – and my job has been such a source of material for my books!
    Congratulations, I’m sure you will love your new life.

  4. I couldn’t be happier for you, Noelle. You are a perfect fit for the Bookouture team and as authors, we are so lucky to have you. I think many of us have noticed how much you support us and can’t wait to lock you in the Gin Room together with Kim at the next get-together 😉

    I’m a big believer in following your dreams. Keep shrieking and congratulations on your award too. I can’t hear you… louder, please…

  5. This is just wonderful. I hope they know what they are letting themselves in for! Seriously, I’m absolutely delighted for you lovely lady. I hope you enjoy every single moment x

  6. So delighted for you (and very very jealous!! ?) Noelle. It’s such a wonderful exciting opportunity and you will be ace!. Probation’s loss is the book worlds gain. Xx