…the female of the species really is more deadly than the male. #EdsDead #Review @nholten40 @RusseldMcLean @SarabandBooks #Contraband

Thrilled to have been asked by my #Twinnie – Sharon Bairden of Chapter in my Life if I wanted to take part in a “kinda” blog tour for Russel D McLean’s ED’S DEAD.  I bought this book some time ago and this was a great opportunity to bump it up my list.  So here we go…

Meet Jen. She works in a bookshop and likes the odd glass of Prosecco… oh, and she’s about to be branded The Most Dangerous Woman in Scotland.

Jen Carter is a failed writer with a rubbish boyfriend, Ed. That is, until she accidentally kills him one night. Now that Ed’s dead, she has to decide what to do with his body, his drugs and a big pile of cash. And, more pressingly, how to escape the hitman who’s been sent to recover Ed’s stash. Soon Jen’s on the run from criminals, corrupt police officers and the prying eyes of the media. Who can she trust? And how can she convince them that the trail of corpses left in her wake are just accidental deaths?

A modern noir that proves, once and for all, the female of the species really is more deadly than the male.

Set in Glasgow, the reader is faced with manipulation, consequences, choices, fear, survival, desperation, loss, accountability, losing yourself, mistrust, lies, loyalty, a lot of death, payback, a darkness/coldness within, payback and new beginnings. Rightfully described as a “high-octane read” – buckle up, peeps as this was one hell of a ride!

I had no idea what to expect when I began reading Ed’s Dead but what a FANTASTIC story! A highly thrilling and gritty read and absolutely hilarious as well. I love when crime fiction is mixed with dark humour – it really brings the story alive and gives it that unique edge when done correctly. The author nailed it! The story itself is divided into 5 parts and told from first person POV. I think the concept behind this plot was incredibly clever, the narrative superb and I seriously raced through this book as quick as I could – I was HOOKED!

There were so many diverse and interesting characters in this novel, but I will only mention two at this point as I think it is one of those books that you need to make your own mind up on the characters – those I love, you may not – I will leave it for you to decide!

Jen, the main character, was just brilliant. I was immediately drawn to her and even the times when I felt I probably shouldn’t have liked her – I loved her even more! Poor Jen is used by her boyfriend Ed – he’s all kinds of bad for her but she struggles to let go. I loved that Jen is a bookseller (ps: I LOVED the Helen Fitzgerald reference – I laughed so much!) – fairly straight-laced and focused…until something happens and we see this good girl turn bad…OH SO BAD…and the reader gets a front row seat with her on the disturbing trail that follows…

Ed is a chancer and a charmer – in fact, he is just a proper bastard and I couldn’t help but think he deserved everything he got – #mybad.

I seriously want to rave and rave on about EVERYTHING within this book. I am so glad I bumped it up my TBR (oo-er!) as it was refreshing and ticked everything I love about Scottish crime fiction in particular.

Would I recommend this book? Hell-to-the-bloody-Yeah, I would! Clever, intense, and executed perfectly – this action-packed, gritty read will have you laughing, gasping and picking your jaw up off the floor! I highly recommend you grab yourselves a copy today!