Who killed Pamela Werner? #ADeathInPeking #GuestAuthorPost @nholten40 @GDSheppardUK

Today I am delighted to share with you all a guest post from Graeme Sheppard, author of A Death in Peking. I’m a huge fan of true crime and unsolved mysteries, so although I have not had the chance to Continue reading Who killed Pamela Werner? #ADeathInPeking #GuestAuthorPost @nholten40 @GDSheppardUK

WHO KILLED LITTLE JOHNNY GILL: @ClaireKreads #GuestReview @TrueCrimeNovels @nholten40

I am a BIG true crime fan and have been reading true crime books, stories and magazines since my very early teens. Unfortunately my TBR was just too much to take on Kathryn McMaster’s request at the time, so I Continue reading WHO KILLED LITTLE JOHNNY GILL: @ClaireKreads #GuestReview @TrueCrimeNovels @nholten40