Retribution -Review-


Synopsis: Against a background of international money laundering, police corruption and legal chicanery, the story of one man is played out. He is innocent, but will he find justice? It is 2006 and Commander Max Hardcastle has left the Navy to work in security communications in the Middle East. When his company comes under threat, there is only one man he can turn to: Robert Abramsky, a brilliant but unconventional London solicitor who relies on tactics as well as the Law. In a plot that moves from the law courts of London to a luxury villa in Spain’s Costa Blanca to the casinos of Las Vegas, this fast-paced thriller reveals corruption among the powerful on an international scale. Retribution holds a mirror to England’s legal system and asks whether it is fatally flawed by self-importance and the inability to judge. Who will find retribution?

My Rating: 4/5

My Review:
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Although I do enjoy a good legal thriller this also had a political side to it and I worried that I might find this book slightly boring.

Politics/political themes are just not something I find that interesting. However I was pleasantly surprised that the mix of law/politics was subtle and interesting so I was easily drawn into the story.

Strangely, I also very much enjoyed the tales that took place in the casinos of Las Vegas because it just has a huge significance in the real world that it just sounded so lifelike and accurate, so I was particularly impressed by this. If anything, it’s made me want to check out sites and games like 918kiss original 2021 to try my hand at gambling myself. It’s something that I wouldn’t normally do, even though I have friends who absolutely love casinos, but this book has almost persuaded me to see what all the fuss is about. I’ll let you know how I get on if I ever get round to doing it.

The characters in this book were likeable and real. In fact, the story itself is something I could easily see happening…well most of it! My favourite character was Anouschka Petrova. A mysterious, devious and clever woman…and although she was not the main character, her role was pivotal to the story and therefore she stuck out in my mind.

I also have no doubt she will be appearing in another book at some point. At least I hope she does! Justice and Retribution were the key themes to this story and were well executed throughout. I would definitely recommend this book. Thank you Richard and THE Book Club for the opportunity to read it!!