THEY BELIEVE HIS LIES. SHE KNOWS THE TRUTH. #NoSecrets #Review @Author_Dave @ViperBooks


You can’t lie to Izzy Lambert. Her highly developed empathic abilities allow her to read people’s emotions with terrifying accuracy – and consequences. As a child her insights sparked her parents’ divorce. As an adult she avoids getting too close to people for fear of what she might learn.

But now young girls are going missing in her town. The police have no suspects but, seeing her old school caretaker interviewed on the news about the story, Izzy comes to a chilling realisation: he knows where the missing girls are. When the police won’t take her seriously despite the lives at stake, she will risk everything to uncover the truth.

Set in Oakbury, I was drawn into a web if lies, secrets and lots of manipulation. Fear, abduction, mistrust, abuse, past trauma, control, revenge and family dynamics were also key in this utterly gripping read!

OMFG – Simon says: Holy Friggin’ Shitballs! (Once you read the book you’ll get te reference). What an opening. The author is a master at grabbing the reader by the throat with his hooks and this one was phenomenal! One moment he has you believing one thing and then 💥 BOOM 💥 in a blink of an eye it is something completely different.

To describe this story as chilling would be an understatement. It is to-the-core spine-tingling crazy!  Told from multiple POV’s we learn information quite early on, but is all as it seems? The storyline is creepy without being gratuitous, despite some aspects which sent shivers down my spine. I felt on edge as I turned the pages – the total mindf*ck is so cleverly written, I had a sense of pure dread towards the end and OMFG the twists were just incredible!

Character wise, David Jackson introduces a cast with some likeable/relatable, some creepy some you can’t trust but all so very intriguing. Izzy especially is so well developed – strong, tenacious but also quite vulnerable. I thought she was great. I also have to give a shout out to Abel – he’s a great throwaway character and his appearances always bring some meaning to the page.

Would I recommend this read? Does a bear sh*t in the woods? Absofrigginlutely I would! A creepy, addictive and totally unputdownable story that had my head spinning. Have I mentioned it is phenomenal?! Go buy this book today!