Was she framed? Or is she next? #KillerBodies #Review @hkist

What did I think? 

Oh, my crime-loving heart! Set amidst the hauntingly atmospheric city of Edinburgh, Scotland, this novel had me tightly gripped from the very first page till the jaw-dropping finale! The opening piqued my interest – so hooky, with short chapters (LOVE) and a dual POV of Suki and Evie (LOVE) the clever plot kept me turning the pages!

The setting itself becomes a character, shrouding the narrative in an enigmatic veil, adding an extra layer of intrigue to an already compelling plot. Themes of secrets, lies, and revenge play a symphony of darkness, making every twist and turn a heart-pounding revelation that left me gasping for breath.

Oh, the characters! So intricately crafted, they leaped off the pages and captured my imagination. Each one a suspect, each one hiding their own dangerous secrets. The author masterfully weaves their lives together, creating an electric chemistry that reminded me of a an adult take on The Breakfast Club ~ We have all walks of life, stuck in a building, forced to examine themselves… and murder(s) ~ HURRAH!

And let’s talk about the unique artwork within the pages! A true stroke of brilliance that heightened the reading experience to a whole new level. The visuals added an immersive touch, allowing me to feel like a true detective right alongside the protagonists, piecing together the clues and trying to unlock the tantalizing mystery. I did figure out fairly early on who the culprit was, however I had NO IDEA about the motivation and that intrigued me when all was revealed.

The tension the author crafts is palpable, the pacing perfectly calibrated, and the revelations are as shocking as they are satisfying.

Would I recommend this read? In a heartbeat, I would! In “Killer Bodies,” Heleen Kist has written a clever whodunnit, with tension and suspense galore! Prepare to be utterly consumed by the secrets lurking within these pages! Grab this book today!

2 Replies to “Was she framed? Or is she next? #KillerBodies #Review @hkist”

  1. I think because of my background and 40+ years of reading/now writing crime fiction, I guess partial things. You still fooled me though. Loved it. Also, you’ll have to drag my dead body to ever get me into a gym 🍦😂

  2. Oh wow, Noelle. Thank you so much for this glowing review. I’m so happy you enjoyed it (even if you guessed you-know-what).
    Did it out you off going to the gym?
    Xx Heleen