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A parent’s worst fear is realised when seven-year-old Libby Hallforth goes missing at a funfair. There are no witnesses, no leads, no trace. Her mother says she only took her eye off her for a second and her father has a quick temper. What might have been happening behind closed doors?

Months later, after the trail for Libby has gone cold, DI Jake Porter and DS Nick Styles find human remains, but that’s just the tip of a gruesome iceberg.

Everyone is a suspect, nobody can be trusted, including the Hallforth family. The chances of getting justice for Libby are fading fast, along with Porter’s chances of stopping a killer before they strike again.

‘Scragg has produced another excellent gritty and edgy thriller. If you like Mark Billingham or Mari Hannah’s books, you should meet DI Jake Porter and DS Nick Styles, a partnership that fizzes with intelligence and bleak humour … Relentlessly gripping’ Peterborough Telegraph

We’re back with the fabulous detective duo of Porter & Styles and faced with abduction; loss; secrets; lies and deception; secrets – oh so many secrets! plus control, manipulation and a search for the truth to name a few of the common themes you’ll come across.

What a fantastic opening! The author sets the tone and builds on it throughout until you are left wondering WTF is going on! What do I mean by this? Well right from the start there is a real sinister and creepy feeling which had my arm hair raised and goosebumps galore. This remained as I turned the pages, intense and unyielding. Just brilliant! There is a dark and compelling storyline and I have to say, this was my favourite in this series so far! The descriptions were vivid, narrative on point and for me, I feel the author has found his voice and boy does he want it heard!

I just adore Styles and Porter! They are a great match who challenge each other but also have each other’s backs. Despite being opposites, the banter between them is great and they just bounce off each other. This novel is easily read as a stand alone – the author gives you enough information so you can see how the characters have developed – but I have to say, the previous two books are just as good, so you may as well treat yourself!

The perpetrator is SUPER creepy! We learn about this character from their own POV, so you are right inside their head. <shudders> Incredibly focused and unnerving but fascinating – so you just have to know more!

Would I recommend this book? An absolute HELL YEAH from me! If you like police procedurals filled with jaw dropping twists, a tense and chilling read with an unexpected but completely satisfying conclusion – grab a copy of ALL THAT IS BURIED today! Can’t wait for the next one!