What were my top crime reads of 2019? #CrimeBookJunkie #TopReads #2019 @nholten40

Anyone who knows me will know that I am not really one for following rules when it comes to blogging – are there rules? Who knows? Who cares! Rather than choosing a specific number of top reads, I’ve put together all the books that I loved this year. Those that stayed with me, chilled me to the bone, blew my mind, those I’m always recommending and those I think fellow crime fiction fans will enjoy. You can find all the reviews on my blog if you want to see WHY I chose them, but why not just check them out yourself?  

2019 was an incredible year for crime fiction, so I’m sure you’ll find something in my list of books you might enjoy. And in case you don’t know, I also work for Bookouture and read SO MANY BOOKS – whether they were crime, rom com, women’s fiction or hot, steamy reads – I loved them all, so make sure you check out the fabulous Bookouture authors too! 

So here we go – in no particular order: 

If I was forced to choose TEN of my favourite reads this year – this would be them! 

So if you are wondering what to spend all those holiday vouchers one – here are a few amazing reads you might enjoy!

Happy reading!

7 Replies to “What were my top crime reads of 2019? #CrimeBookJunkie #TopReads #2019 @nholten40”

  1. Hi Geraldine. I haven’t read the books you mention (yet) so no, they wouldn’t be on my list. My list includes only those books that I have read and loved (as mentioned in the post). You might not be allowed to save the images as I created them for my blog? Just a thought. You could always screenshot and save the picture. Happy reading!

  2. ‘The Neighbour’ Fiona Cummins and ‘Violet’ by SJI Holliday surely should be up there? What about ‘The Chain’ Adrian McKinty.
    I tried to save images of your books to put on my to be read list… But it would not save ?