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Well what do we have here?! An exciting cover reveal from an author you may know…but a name that you may not recognise – YET! I’m thrilled to bits to share with you all the cover and blurb for Morgan Cry’s Thirty One Bones!! Before I show you the awesome cover – how about a bit of info about the author and this book…

About the Author: 

Morgan Cry is the ex-pat alias of Gordon Brown, a Scottish crime writer with 7 novels to his name. Leaving the dark alleyways of tartan noir and heading for the Spanish sunshine, Morgan Cry debuts with a cracking tale of murder, intrigue, and a daughter flung right in at the deep end with her mother’s secrets. It’s dangerous out in the sun.

About the Book: 

“An immersive thrill ride through a wild expat Costa del Crime community” – Denise Mina

When Effie Coulston drops dead on the floor of her bar in a small Spanish town mid-business meeting, her daughter Daniella feels it’s her duty to return for the funeral. But Daniella has been estranged from her mother for over twenty years, and Effie’s life in Spain harbours many secrets. Daniella is soon confronted by a hostile group of ex-pat misfits who frequent the bar and who, along with Effie, are involved in a multi-million-pound property scam. But the money has vanished, and the ex-pats are threatening to implicate Daniella to save themselves.

Meanwhile, a Spanish detective is investigating Effie’s death. He’s convinced Daniella knows more than she is telling. And now a terrifying enforcer has heard about the missing cash. With no idea where the money is and threats coming from all sides, Daniella is up against a seemingly impossible deadline to find the cash. She’s a stranger in a strange town – and she’s seriously out of her depth.


AMAZING! I bet that’s got your interest! So do you want to see the cover now? 

Feast your eyes on this beauty…

How amazing is that!? This badboy is published by Polygon Books on June 4th and available to pre order now: