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Huge thanks to Anne Cater/Random Things Tours and Orenda for the opportunity to read and take part in the blog tour for The Descent by Paul Hardisty!

CrimeBookJunkie ~ My Thoughts:

Holy friggin shizzle! I was absolutely blown away by The Descent – an eye-opening, harrowing read by Paul Hardisty!

The Descent is not your ordinary thriller, but I expect nothing less from this author. The prequel and I guess sequel to the amazing THE FORCING, the author injects fear, hope, devastation, intrigue and so much more in this post apocalyptic climate change thriller.

The story is delivered from two POV’s and timeline’s, Sparkplug in the 2020’s through diary entries and Kweku in the 2060’s. But what really got to me as I read this book was how this is something that could, and may have already happened. I think back to things and see some scary parallel’s – uncanny and not something I want to dwell on but also niggles under my skin.

Through Kweku, we witness survival, revenge and hope as his family journey across the sea for payback, and find their home. Prepare yourself though, as you’ll witness devastation: disease, death, exploitation…it really grabs you. <shudders>

Honestly I know this is all very vague, but it is a book you NEED to experience. Immerse yourself in. Soak up and think about.

Would I recommend this book? In a heartbeat! It is catastrophic, harrowing, visceral and emotionally devastating while being intriguing, hopeful & compelling. I was hooked and thankfully not completely broken… Paul Hardisty has once again blown my mind!

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