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Well HELLO to a new publisher who focuses on crime but it sounds like it will have a bit of a twist and I’m here for it! Read on to find out more about Black Spring Crime and what you can expect!

Legendary independent publisher Black Spring Press are delighted to announce the creation of a brand new imprint – Black Spring Crime!

Founded in 1985, The Black Spring Press list had published literary classics and major figures, including Leonard Cohen, Orson Welles, Anais Nin, Momus, Carolyn Cassady, Charles Baudelaire, Nick Cave, and many more.

Black Spring Press Director Dr Todd Swift has formed the new imprint following the hire of consultant crime editor Luca Veste. He says “Black Spring has been publishing darkly twisted and genius writers since the 1980s and think we can put a fascinating spin on the crime genre with our upcoming slate of titles.”

The first title published under the new imprint has just been released ‘A Crime in the Land of 7,000 Islands’ by Zephaniah Sole – described as Silence of the Lambs fused with Grimm’s Fairy Tales. International bestselling author Stuart Neville said of the novel “an extraordinary feat of storytelling, blending the real and the fantastical, with a hard-edged crime procedural woven through the rich imagery of a child’s imagination.” Zephaniah Sole is the pseudonym for a working FBI Agent, with the novel dripping with rich reality, with fantastical elements complimenting it throughout.

Upcoming releases include hard-hitting detective novel The Scotsman by Rob McClure, Jasper’s Brood by JK Nottingham – a dark and twisting narrative with a main character you’ll struggle to forget, and The Winter of Shadows by Clare Grant – a historical crime novel with a delicious premise and incredible writing.

Consultant crime editor Luca Veste – the bestselling author of nine novels including Dead Gone, The Bone Keeper, and You Never Said Goodbye – says “Working with the team at Black Spring Press in the creation of this new imprint has been a dream so far. After reading A Crime in the Land of 7,000 Islands, I knew I had to work with this press and couldn’t be more delighted to be a part of what promises to be a crime publisher and imprint like no other. Originality is what we’re looking for and with our soon to be released titles, we believe crime fiction lovers will find new and fresh voices and stories they may not have experienced before. It’s an honour and a privilege to be a part of the Black Spring Crime team bringing this to life.”

More information can be found at www.blackspringpressgroup.com and on Twitter @BlackSpringC

To contact Luca Veste – [email protected]

For any press/interview enquiries for authors or Black Spring, contact Amira [email protected]

List of upcoming releases…

A Crime in the Land of 7,000 Islands – Zephaniah Sole – Out Now

The Scotsman – Rob McClure – July 2023

Creative Justice – Tristan Walker – August 2023

Jasper’s Brood – JK Nottingham – September 2023

The Winter of Shadows – Clare Grant – October 2023

After Uyuni – CJ Howell – November 2023

Expiation – Steve Welsh – January 2024