Popping my #HarrogateCherry

OMFG peeps!  In case you are wondering why it has been quiet on the #CrimeBookJunkie front…well I am heading to Harrogate and I’m so incredibly excited, I just cannot focus on anything else!

I am thrilled to be meeting up with Claire Knight, Sarah Hardy, Joanne Robertson, Shell Baker, Katherine Everett, Tara Lyons and the wickedly wonderful Emma Shand.  I am also looking forward to meeting up with a lot of other bookish folk who blog and share a love of #AllThingsCrime.

The thrills don’t end there though- Where else can I openly stalk my favourite authors!  No need to be afraid though…I don’t bite…but I may stare…from behind a bush….snapping pictures…? #NotAStalker


Plus, I am very excited to also be attending #NoirAtTheBar as it makes its first appearance in Harrogate and from what I have seen at other #NoirAtTheBar events – hopefully it will be a regular feature! I mean…check out the line -up!! EEEEEEEEEK!


I won’t bore you with my itnerary (yes I have a list!) but I can assure you, my days and evenings will be packed full and I just cannot believe it is only #OneMoreSleep away!

I will be back to reviewing and blogging next week though – my reading has not stopped and I have a few great reads to share, so watch this space!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!  I am off to pop my Harrogate cherry! ?

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