Favourite series with strong female leads! #SilentVictim #BrokenPromises #Review @writermels @MichaelHWood

I know! I know! I read both these books aaaages ago but I’m still playing catch up on reviews so bear with me. Two of my favourite authors, favourite series and favourite female leads!

Police procedurals are my go to genre and both these authors never disappoint. Today I’m reviewing Mel Sherratt’s BROKEN PROMISES and Michael Wood’s SILENT VICTIM.


Detective Allie Shenton (Book 4) ~ My thoughts:

Set in Stoke, Broken Promises touches upon found family, trauma, justice for victims and so much more! Allie Shenton is one of my favourite female detectives (yes, I have quite a few but she is up in my top 10!). The prologue of this novel grabbed my attention instantly. I enjoy the familiarity of this series, like I’m catching up with old friends. You know those moments when you haven’t seen someone for awhile but when you do, it’s like no time has passed. That’s how I felt reading this book.

I adore Allie Shenton! She speaks her mind and is quite sassy at times. The victims are always her priority and she does whatever it takes to get them and their family justice. The team is cohesive, know their strengths and commit themselves to every case.

A gritty, unputdownable story. It’s dark, hard-hitting and a compulsive read. Highly recommend!



DCI Matilda Darke (Book 8) ~ My Thoughts:

Another one of my favourite series and I have to say this one is Darke by name and dark in nature! Set in Sheffield, the author touches on loss/grief, covid (the impact on policing), survivor’s guilt, abduction and a search for the truth.

The opening of this book had me feeling the fear and sets you up for what i coming. Graphic at times (not gratuitous), the storyline was as gripping as ever.

I won’t give any spoilers in case you haven’t caught up in the series, but Matilda returns to work with her team under special measures and there’s quite a lot of conflict happening. <grab your popcorn!>

I remember a tweet that the author had posted saying something along the lines that this was one of the most evil killers he’d written – he wasn’t wrong – the killer was VILE and I loved it!

This series goes from strength to strength. A phenomenal story – twisted, pacy, an absolute sleep stealer. Highly recommended!

If you haven’t read either of these books or series, I’d urge you to change that! I personally feel they can be read on their own but why miss out? Grab both series today and thank me later 😉