No More For Today…

Well first and foremost can I apologise to any and all of you who have been bombarded with email updates from me today. As you can see, I am in the process of uploading my reviews from 2015 –oh and don’t worry, I won’t be uploading any of the other 200+ reviews I have done since starting this hobby in 2013! (PHEW!)

I have only about 7 more to do, along with the 2 interviews with authors I have completed this year and then it will only be regular updates…well reviews etc…from there on out! (PHEW AGAIN!!)

Now my chocolate lab (Buster) and his sister from another mister (Pebbles–a cat by the way) are dying for some attention…well food if I am honest…so I will sign off for today and wish you all a fantastic bank holiday full of fun (I would say sun but not much hope of that) and lots of reading!