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No crime today! Instead it’s all about making memories with Kim Nash’s latest book in the Cornish Cove series!

After five husbands and five broken hearts, Lydia feels like she’s always been chasing something. But now she’s found her purpose, and having moved to Driftwood Bay to spend more time with her daughter Meredith, she’s happier than ever.

But there’s still life in these old bones yet! With her newfound sense of identity, she’s keen to re-explore the things that made her happy as a younger person. Lydia’s passion was dancing – she used to compete in her younger years, and there’s no place she’s more at home than on the dancefloor.

So when widower and antiques restorer Martin tells her about a big dance competition, she’s ready and raring to bring more joy into her life. But while making memories with Martin, the more she realises that both of their hearts need restoring too…


Here are my thoughts:

If you’re looking for a fun, quick read you won’t go wrong with Making Memories at the Cornish Cove!

Set in the fictional Driftwood Bay, where I have already moved to in my head, themes of the past, living your dream, found family and taking that leap all come into play.

Kim’s books are pure escapism and each novel in this series can be read as a standalone as the focus is always on a different character. There’s a little adventure, wise words and romance and I adored the way everything is brought together.

What I also enjoyed was trying to figure out who would be the MC in the next one, and I have to admit I’m not sure this time – it could be two people in my mind. But I am excited to find out.

Learning a little of Lydia’s background in this novel made me want more so I hope her story isn’t completely finished as I definitely think we’ve only touched the surface.

Would I recommend this book? In a heartbeat! This was an instant pick-me-up you can read in a day. You’ll remember all those thing you’d wished you had done and get hyped to go and do them, because it really is never too late! If it’s sass, excitement, love and a happily-ever-after you’re keen on, add Making Memories at the Cornish Cove to your TBR today!

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  1. The colors on this post are just too unnerving. So bright, so cheerful, so…potentially happy?

    What’s happened to Noelle?