Are you ready for a female American Psycho? #KillForLove by #LauraPicklesimer #debut #review

About the Book:

The boys on the row are only after one thing, but that bullshit’s for pledges. Tiffany’s on the hunt for something more.

Kill for Love is a searing satirical thriller about Tiffany, a privileged Los Angeles sorority sister who is struggling to keep her sadistic impulses–and haunting nightmares of fire and destruction–at bay. After a frat party hookup devolves into a bloody, fatal affair, Tiffany realizes something within her has awoken: the insatiable desire to kill attractive young men.

As Tiffany’s bloodlust deepens and the bodies pile up, she must contend with mounting legal scrutiny, social media-fueled competing murders, and her growing relationship with Weston, who she thinks could be the perfect boyfriend

My Thoughts:

Big thanks to Grace Fell, publicist for a copy of this debut! *all views are my own

Bloody hell, folks! ‘Kill For Love’ by debut author Laura Picklesimer is a twisted ride through the glitzy streets of LA. (Fake) friendship, social media toxicity, the ‘idea of perfection’, sex equated with power & control, entitlement, lack of accountability and karma all have a place in Tiffany’s world.

The opening of this novel has vivid imagery that instantly had me intrigued and wanting to read more! Told in first person POV I was injected into the stereotypical entitled world of 20 year old sorority girls… parties, poor decisions, some with more money than sense and then there’s Tiffany.

Tiffany isn’t your typical sorority gal. Behind those perfect nails and glossy hair lies a thirst for blood and a sinister secret. The woman is a savage! As if sorority drama wasn’t enough,

Tiffany’s nights become a hunting ground for her sadistic desires. But it isn’t just about the thrill of the kill—oh no! Love, betrayal, and a healthy dose of social media madness make this a spine-tingler you won’t forget.

When we’re introduced to Weston – I almost thought Tiffany might show some redeeming qualities. Let’s just say he adds a dash of romance to the bloodbath. Was I wrong about Tiffany – as much as she intrigued me, I didn’t like her. I normally LOVE unlikeable characters, but this gal really rubbed me the wrong way and instead of cheering her on, I wanted to see karma slap her in the face. Saying that, I loved the story – maybe it’s because I didn’t like the sororities/frats from my own Uni days 🤷‍♀️ *just my experience, don’t come at me!

Would I recommend this book? Despite the ending not leaving me fully satisfied, I would for sure recommend readers check this out.  Described as a satirical, darkly comedic thriller it certainly delivers on that front! If you’re looking for a story that’ll make you lock your doors and rethink those Tinder swipes, it’s well worth adding Kill For Love to your TBR.

One to watch!