A woman’s search for her missing father leads her down a dark and dangerous path… #ATreacheryOfFriends #Review @C_J_Carver

C.J. Carver’s “A Treachery of Friends” is an exciting jump into a world where the paranormal meets cold, hard reality, skillfully crafted to keep readers turning the pages. Set against the backdrop of the UK, this novel takes us on a journey through a maze of secrets, mistrust, and the relentless search for truth.

The heart of this story lies with Sidney (Sid) Scott, a character as enigmatic as she is driven. A supernatural scientist, Sid’s expertise in exposing scams related to the paranormal adds an intriguing twist to the typical mystery narrative. This unique angle deepens the plot, weaving in elements of skepticism and belief that challenge both Sid and the reader.

But Sid’s quest is not just professional. It’s personal. The author intertwines Sid’s investigation into her father’s mysterious disappearance, leading her to two of his old friends – a religious cult leader and a politician. Both have their own secrets, which they want to keep hidden and buried. This personal stake adds depth to Sid’s character, making her journey not just one of solving a mystery, but also of seeking closure for her family’s past.

The narrative is packed with action that propels the story forward at a good pace.

What sets “A Treachery of Friends” apart from others in this genre, is its exploration of trust. Throughout the novel, Sid, and by extension, the reader, is constantly questioning who can be trusted. This uncertainty is the novel’s lifeblood, creating a tension that simmers beneath every interaction. Each character that Sid encounters is a potential ally or adversary, and this ambiguity keeps us guessing until the very end.

Would I recommend this book? Hell yeah, I would! C.J. Carver has crafted a novel that is not only suspenseful but also a thoughtful exploration of trust, truth, and the lengths we go to uncover them. Sidney Scott is a protagonist who resonates with strength and vulnerability, making her journey one that is not easily forgotten. For fans of the mystery genre looking for a novel that is different, this book is a must-read.

*my thanks to the author for an ARC of this novel and I also purchased a copy via my kindle unlimited subscription.