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Not my usual type of review but I was gifted this cute cotton bag and items to test out to see if it would be handy for all those #bookevents I plan on attending this year and I thought I’d share my thoughts. Scroll down to the end for more details from Cotton Bag Co press release!

My thanks to Rose and @cottonbagco

What you get:

● Bluetooth tripod selfie stick – to get the perfect angle everytime. LOVE
● Pocket for valuables – to keep your valuables safe TOO CUTE 
● Pop up reflector – to get the best lighting for your selfies NOT FOR ME ?
● LED ring light – for that added selfie glow AWESOME
● Selfie guide – includes selfie tips from Kim Kardashian and other selfie Kings & Queens I DIDN’T GET THIS ?‍♀️

It’s  a solid 4 ⭐️’s from me!

Video can be found on my instagram account: @author_noelleholten

I’m not keen on the pop up reflector as (a) I won’t use it and (b) I can’t get it to close down and pack away. The bag itself is great quality, sturdy (for all those #books!) and a good size. Love the mini #ringlight and tripod. The guide wasn’t in the package I received but that’s ok – as I like to experiment on my own and wouldn’t consider myself a ‘selfie queen’ ?

“Cotton Bag Co also stock a wide range of other Canvas bags

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Fighting the war on plastic one selfie at a time

It is estimated that the average person will take over 25,000 selfies over the course of their lifetime. Cotton Bag Co have developed the perfect selfie-taking kit to help people feel good whilst doing good for the planet.  

We are all familiar with the shocking statistics surrounding single-use plastics and their effects on the environment. Whilst we wait for sufficient solutions and legislation to tackle the issue head on, Cotton Bag Co are taking initiative and adding yet another sustainable bag option to their collection.

The Selfie Bag from Cotton Bag Co is both stylish whilst also being sustainable, made from high-quality canvas material the Selfie Bag can be used again and again, and the best part – canvas is also a biodegradable material!  

It is estimated that over 500 million plastic bags are used in the UK in a single year, by using a Selfie Bag from Cotton Bag Co consumers can be safe in the knowledge that they are helping to do their part in reducing this figure. The more times the bag is used, the bigger the positive impact. By sharing their perfect selfie on socials with the tag #SelfieBag, consumers are helping to show their support and spread Cotton Bag Co’s eco ethos.

“It is time that businesses started to take corporate responsibility for their impact on the environment. Our idea for the Selfie Bag came from the desire for continuous improvement of our product ranges and aim of raising awareness of the plastic crisis” –  Jon Marling, Director of Cotton Bag Co

About Cotton Bag Co

Cotton Bag Co is based in the Wiltshire town of Westbury with partner printing and manufacturing companies in India and China. Cotton Bag Co creates eco-friendly plastic bag alternatives supplying small and global companies across the world on both bespoke and wholesale projects.

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