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The answer to the headline question is: You learn from the experts, of course! And that is exactly what I will be doing next month! On Saturday Oct 9th I will be attending Crime Writing: Making it Real Crime Scene Forensics Workshop and I can’t bloody wait. Not only that, I plan on reviewing the course to let you know whether I feel it is worth spending your hard earned money on. *whispers* I use books from all these amazing peeps when I’m researching for the DC Maggie Jamieson series so….


Here’s some info from Graham Bartlett to tell you a little about what you can expect:


Answer me this:

• What’s the best way to knock someone out?

• How do you dispose of a body so you’ll never get caught?

• What body samples can – and can’t – scientists extract DNA from?

• Why aren’t DNA and fingerprint evidence all they’re cracked up to be?

I could go on, but you get the gist.

When you’re writing forensics, do you get your facts from TV’s CSI, or some other dubious source? Why would you when you can join real experts who will not only tell you how it really works but be there to answer your specific questions.

That’s why, on Saturday 09 Oct 2021Kate Bendelow, a serving scenes of crime officer and author of The Real CSI: A Forensic Handbook for Crime Writers, and Brian Price, chemist, biologist and author of Crime Writing: How to Write the Science are hosting a one-day online workshop for crime writers who are serious about their craft and want to gain a real insight into forensic science.

You will be hot on the trail of a fictional armed drug gang who have robbed a rival’s home. You’ll discover how the mayhem left by the antagonists is protected, gathered, preserved and analysed to solve the crime.

We will cover just about everything, including fingerprints, DNA, firearms, drugs, fibres, glass and paint. You’ll also learn about scene control, post-mortems and what actually happens in the lab. 

We will debunk many forensic science myths and mentor you on how things really work, and how to weave this into your fiction to add gravitas, tension and drama.

How amazing does that sound? Totally worth spending my Saturday in clothes instead of my pj’s, for sure! 😉 If you’re keen to know more or want to join me in the #classroom here is the link: