She did it, she escaped his clutches… #IKnowTheTruth #Review @nholten40 @ComleyMel

She did it, she escaped his clutches.

Now she lives under a new name.

For the past five years, Lucy has lived in fear of her past.

But all that is about to change when Matthew enters her life.

Will she be able to finally trust another man after….?

Which should she listen to, her heart or her head?

As she fights to obtain the happiness she deserves, someone is lurking in the shadows with their own dangerous agenda.

Will they be the one to determine whether she lives or dies?

Set in Bath, the reader learns of abuse, mistrust, fear, intimidation, revenge, anger, survival, courage and so much more through the characters that unravel the story.

The prologue of this novel is intense and immediately had me hooked – I had to know what the story was and who this woman was escaping from! There was a nice build of up suspense and I was pulled into Lucy’s life where her past and present were on a collision course with disastrous and deadly consequences. The storyline itself kept me glued to the pages and it didn’t take me long to reach the ending – one of those #justonemorechapter type of reads.

Character-wise, Lucy intrigued me. Full of secrets but someone knows ? and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of her. At times she came across as very strong and determined, independent too. Then other times she would contradict herself in her thoughts and actions…but her past held the key and everything soon fell into place…

When Lucy meets Matthew – a whirlwind romance follows but will his family accept Lucy or do they want to sabotage the couple’s happily-ever-after?

The baddie was well written – vile with no redeeming qualities – and books that make me want to punch characters are ones I soon won’t forget. There were plenty of characters to keep me invested.

So would I recommend this read? Hell yeah! If you are looking for a quick read that is compelling, emotive and chilling at times – you’ll definitely enjoy this one!

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