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All murder mysteries follow a simple set of rules.

Grant McAllister, an author of crime fiction and professor of mathematics, once sat down and worked them all out.

But that was thirty years ago. Now he’s living a life of seclusion on a quiet Mediterranean island – until Julia Hart, a sharp, ambitious editor, knocks on his door. His early work is being republished and together the two of them must revisit those old stories.

An author, hiding from his past, and an editor, probing inside it.

But as she reads the stories, Julia is unsettled to realise that there are parts that don’t make sense. Intricate clues that seem to reference a real murder.

One that’s remained unsolved for thirty years . . .

If Julia wants answers, she must triumph in a battle of wits with a dangerously clever adversary.

But she must tread carefully: she knows there’s a mystery, but she doesn’t yet realise there’s already been a murder …

Readers are whisked away to the mediterranean in Eight Detectives where guilt, blame, loss, deception and so much more, riddle the pages as well as the question of what makes a good detective novel is asked…and answered in a way.



Well, well, well… what can I say about this debut novel from Alex Pavesi – is it genius? It might be… I loved the opening and set up for what turns out to be a great mystery within a mystery. Fans of Agatha Christie will love this book for sure! I loved the concept and explanation of the rules for murder mysteries. The characters were fascinating, although I did want to know more. It ended so swiftly, I was hoping for a little more as I wasn’t ready to let go. This was most definitely a complex, unique and completely clever debut novel – how will the author top this?


I have to admit, it took me a while to figure out what exactly was happening character wise – though the blurb is quite clear ? But that was the enjoyable part – the reader is immersed in the story.


There is an interesting cast of characters but Julia was my favourite. As an editor she combs the stories meticulously and takes on the role of a detective herself…looking for the plot holes, the mismatches and challenging the author when she discovers something that just doesn’t quite add up.


Would I recommend this read? You bet your backside I would! A cunning and challenging debut that will keep readers on their toes. I’m very much looking forward to what the author will come up with for his next book! ?? Check it out here: