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The truth can be a dangerous thing…

When a young boy falls from a balcony in a block of flats, DS Grace Allendale witnesses the shocking aftermath of the tragic event. But strangely, no one will admit to seeing anything – and the parents will only tell the police that it was an accident.

Determined to sort the truth from the lies, Grace is thrown into a case that takes her to the darkest corners of the criminal world – and strikes closer to home than she could have ever imagined…

A gripping and pacey thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the moment you turn the first page. The perfect read for fans of Martina Cole.


Mel Sherratt takes us to Stoke, Staffordshire and the fictional estate of Harrison House where we come across guilt, drugs, gangs, survival, fear, payback, family/relationships, abuse, manipulation, dangerous games, and a desire for justice to be served.

Liar, Liar’s opening had my jaw on the floor. You immediately know that something terrible has happened, but what!? That was it, I was HOOKED! Told from multiple POV’s, you get to know the characters and hear their stories – Mel Sherratt has a great knack for making the reader feel they know her characters – like they could be your neighbour or your friend. I love that sense of familiarity. The dual timeline was a clever addition, we slowly learn the backstory of how everyone is connected, without revealing too much so the suspense is what keeps you turning the pages until everything is revealed.

As much as I loved the storyline, it really is the characters that move this story forward. We see one version of them as described by those around them, but when the author lets us into their heads – and their secrets are drip fed to us – it makes for some intense and uncomfortable reading at times. Superb! I enjoyed learning more about Grace Allendale this time around – although the Steele’s are present, we see more of Grace finding her feet within her team and understand how she works in bringing justice to those who decide to use her patch as a way to break the law.

Would I recommend this book? I’d be ‘barmy on the crumpet’ if I said I didn’t because I bloody well do! Gritty, intense, pacy and compelling – Mel Sherratt has a skilful way of bringing the reader into the pages and delivering an unputdownable read! This series just keeps getting better and I can’t wait to see where things go from here!

Highly recommended!