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? Happy Publication Day to Tony Kent and Power Play! ?


When a plane explodes over the Atlantic Ocean, killing hundreds of passengers, including controversial US presidential candidate Dale Victor, it appears to be a clear-cut case of terrorism. The suspect has even confessed to the bombing. But as criminal barrister Michael Devlin is about to discover, everything is not as it seems.

Also suspecting there are other forces at work, intelligence agent Joe Dempsey is driven to investigate. Who would have wanted Victor out of the way – and would commit mass murder to do it? As the evidence begins to mount, everything seems to point to the US government itself, all the way to the top. And now someone is determined to stop Dempsey and Devlin from discovering the truth. At any cost.

With countless more lives on the line, Dempsey must find a way to prove who’s pulling the strings, and free the White House from the deadly grip that has taken hold of power.

Prepare for the ride of your life, reader! Tony Kent takes us on a journey between the UK to the US where politics, fear, corruption, terrorism, conspiracy, violence, relationships, survival and a search for truth/justice are at the forefront.

?BOOM!? A ticking clock right from the start – the sense of jeopardy is palpable. I held my breath as I waited for what was about to unfold and OMFG – it was EXPLOSIVE…literally! Although told from multiple POV’s this was most definitely a Dempsey storyline – with just enough Devlin to whet your whistle! An action-packed, pacy read with kills and thrills abound! A fantastic narrative and great character development – a must read for thriller fans. It’s really hard to say much without fear of spoilers but I can say this high octane read will have you on the edge of your seat!

Character-wise I loved how we got to see more of Joe Dempsey in this novel. Fearless, intelligent and not afraid to use force when necessary. Each character introduced (and there were some new ones I hope to see again!) played a role in unravelling the twisty storyline – Tony Kent does not hold back and I bloody loved it! Devlin and Sarah (journalist and Michael’s partner) also appear and I enjoyed their part in the story too. Let’s face it, Tony Kent is just fantastic – each book gets better, and I am more invested in this series – more, more, more please!

Would I recommend this read? You bet your arse I would!  If you love high-octane, emotive, intense and gritty conspiracy thrillers with a touch of legal thriller – well this book will tick all the boxes and then some! Highly recommended and I for one, cannot wait to see what Tony Kent has next for readers!