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Whoop! Whoop! I’m thrilled to have been asked by the lovely Emily Glenister and The Dome Press to take part in a cover reveal for Jean Levy’s WHAT WAS LOST. I’ll also be taking part in the blog tour in September and after reading the blurb – well I can’t bloody wait!  First though, I’ll share a little about the author and the blurb before I share this haunting and sinister cover!


About The Author 

Jean spent several years in genetics research before abandoning the laboratory to pursue a career in academic publishing both in Holland the UK. She has been a database troubleshooter, an editor, and a writer for publishing houses, pharmaceutical companies and the EU. She has degrees in Botany, Pathology, Philosophy, English, Law and Creative Writing and is currently completing a doctorate in Linguistics. In her spare time she has campaigned for the environment and read a lot of books, the most memorable being Alice in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice, everything by Margaret Atwood and Jeanette Winterson, and a few things by Sebastian Faulks, Calvino, Ian McEwan, David Mitchell and Shakespeare. She currently lives in a converted barn in the South Downs with her husband and a Heritage Plant Collection, accumulates Christmas tree decorations and aspires to writing multi-genre fiction, travelling on the Orient Express and seeing the Northern Lights.

About The Book

Sarah has no memories. She just knows she was found, near death, on a beach miles from her London home. Now she is part of a medical experiment to see whether her past can be retrieved.

But bad things seemed to have happened before she disappeared. The police are interested in her hidden memories too. A nice man she meets in the supermarket appears to have her best interests at heart. He seems to understand her – almost as if he knows her…

As she fights to regain her memories and her sense of self, it is clear that people are hiding things from her. Who are they protecting? Does Sarah really want the truth?


How AMAZING does this sound!?

Right then…you ready to see the cover? 

Feast your eyes on this!! 


What Was Lost is out September 13th but you can pre order your copy now! And watch out for my review as I kick off the blog tour on 13/09/18! BOOM! ??

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