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I’m thrilled to be hosting the final stop of the D.B. John STAR OF THE NORTH blog tour today! Huge thanks to Vintage Books and the ever-so-awesome Angela McMahon who invited me on this tour and always knows exactly the type of book that will excite me!

About The Book 

North Korea and the USA are on the brink of war

A young American woman disappears without trace from a South Korean island.

The CIA recruits her twin sister to uncover the truth.

Now, she must go undercover in the world’s most deadly state.

Only by infiltrating the dark heart of the terrifying regime will she be able to save her sister…and herself

Star of the North is the most explosive thriller of the year – you won’t be able to put it down.

Set in both Korea and the US, Star of the North tells a story of forgiveness, fear, anger, survival, loss, trauma, past secrets, corruption, politics, power/control, desire for freedom, the risks people take and the consequences they face, upheaval, sadness, unease, unrest and the search for the truth.

The prologue takes us to 1998, South Korea and the suspense I felt was palpable, as the beautiful writing style was both hypnotic and intense – I found myself holding my breath. Yes, I was HOOKED! The plot was a mixture of both fact and fiction which gave me an almost surreal sense of being an observer rather than a reader. Topping this off was a superb narrative and characterisation and I found myself both thrilled and shocked as the events unfolded before me. When this book arrived, I read the blurb and wondered if it would be my cup of tea. But this crime thriller WAS explosive, intriguing, tense and simply caught me off guard.

There is a wonderful mix of culture and diversity in the characters and as much as I thoroughly enjoyed each one, I also felt I was learning about a period in time that I had relatively little knowledge or understanding. This was a thought provoking read, made even more so through the characters who brought the words alive on the pages!

Dr Jenna Williams has never escaped the trauma of losing her twin – she feels there is more to discover and when approached to join the CIA she sees the opportunity to discover the truth. What will she uncover?

Mrs Moon is a hard worker, determined, resourceful and has a story of her own to share. I simply adored her and admired her strength when others may have just crumbled and given up. What secrets does she hide?

Cho is a respected leader in the army and finds himself mixed up in a situation where there is no turning back. He is a little naive at first, but when things unravel his courage and sense of right come to the forefront. Will he do the right thing?

Jenna- Mrs Moon- Cho … three very different characters but all tied together. When their ties are revealed the links are seamless and I absolutely LOVED seeing how everything came together.

All I can say is WOW WOW WOW – what an absolute blinder of a book! It’s emotive, heart-wrenching, thrilling and so beautifully written, I could not help but find myself with a mega #bookhangover once I had finished. I highly recommend this read for those of you who enjoy the mix of thriller, fact and pure action in your crime fiction!