Can One Woman’s Nightmares Be The Missing Link To Another Woman’s Death? #DejaVu #Review #Novelette @nholten40 @EmmaLClapperton


Celia was found brutally murdered in a railway underpass. No one was ever charged with her murder, it was like the killer disappeared into thin air. But Celia knew her killer and after she died, she fought for her soul to re-enter her body, to carry on with life. But the force is too strong for her and her soul is cast aside.
Celia did not want anyone to forget what happened to her.


Alice has suffered from anxiety as far back as she can remember. With certain music causing unexpected emotional outbursts and recurring nightmares, she can’t take much more.
But when she gets the job she applies for, the future seems brighter. Soon after her first shift at the office, the recurring dreams intensify, become more detailed. They feel real.
And that’s when déjà vu sets in.
Alice begins to wonder if these spells déjà vu, are actually memories…

Oooooh-eeee! Now where do I start with this wee beauty?!  The story is set in Scotland where themes of mental health, fear, denial, revenge, anxiety and a search for justice and the truth weave seamlessly throughout the pages.

I was instantly hooked by the prologue of this novelette. It had me questioning everything and wondering where in the world would this story lead? Told from the perspective of both Alice and Celia along two separate timelines, we are taken on a journey of discovery and feel each characters emotions as the story unfolds. This was a terrifying and cleverly written plot which really packed a punch and when all was revealed…well OMFG, I was gobsmacked!

Celia’s character comes alive through a reflection back on what had happened to her. Alice is a voice but also suffers her own issues and you really feel for her. Everything about these two has you scratching your head, but they are wonderfully written and very relate-able. I have to be careful not to give any spoilers away, but I can say that the characters within this short story all serve a purpose to drive the plot and show the reader what is happening … and why.

Would I recommend this novelette? Abso-friggin-lutely! You’ll race through the pages, as the spine-tingling storyline reels you in and then throws you for a loop! Simply LOVED it!

Grab a copy today!