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In the blink of an eye, she’s gone. Maggie’s daughter Penny is her whole world… and she’d do anything to protect her. So when Maggie wakes one night to find a strange woman in her home, she runs to barricade herself in her bedroom with her child. Because Maggie knows why she’s come…

My Rating: 5/5


My Review

On starting this book, we find ourselves in the US where fear, family, choices, unthinkable boundaries, lies, secrets, trust, hope, manipulation, control and resolution with justice as the outcome encompass our thoughts as the story unfolds.

OMFG – ?? POW ?? what an opening! Heart-racing, knuckles white from grabbing the arm of my chair and absolutely breathless as I tried to take everything in at once. This was a fast-paced and riveting read with a storyline that has you asking yourself What would you do… I thought the writing was tight with vivid descriptions that had me right there in the moment. I LOVE it when a book does that to me! Tension and suspense tugged at me each step of the way – I NEEDED to know what it was all about – there was a puzzle to be solved and the author had me in the palm of his hand as I wondered whether it would work out in the end or not! BRILLIANT!

Character wise, this author always has me invested in the people on the pages! Maggie is a mother, determined and I loved her sheer will to get Holly through things while I was also desperate to know what else was going on with her. She held her cards close to her chest, and I knew there was more to be revealed. Maggie was cunning and clever with a strong desire to survive by any means necessary – I was always questioning her motives.

My heart went out to Holly. You could almost see the desperation dripping off her. For some reason, she felt more vulnerable to me – possibly because her child was missing and she had to do things she would never have done in the hopes her daughter would be returned safely. She places her life and trust in others … but can they be trusted? Ooooh the suspense was killing me!

The Babysitter – eeeek! *shudders* ? This was one cold, callous, evil…all the scary adjectives you can find…individual who manipulates these women into doing the unthinkable in order to save their children. You just hate this person…however, at one point I really felt for this individual…until I shook my head and thought WTF, Noelle!? Have you not just read what this person is capable of!? I think others, who have read the book, will understand where I am coming from though – so grab a copy and see what I mean!

 Do I recommend this book? You bet your sweet arse I do! I have read a few books from this author and have not once been disappointed! I find his plots to be utterly compelling, where emotions are pulled apart and the reader can’t help but wonder what else can be thrown their way! I can’t wait to see what Mr Parker has in store for us next!