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Eeeeek! Nothing gets me more excited than attending crime events or author stalking and on Thursday November 30th I got to do both while I was in Edinburgh. Whoop! Whoop! I was up early and braved the Edinburgh cold so I could spend a few hours that morning chatting with…OMFG….Kierney Scott!!  We drank coffee, ate cake and chatted about books, crime and life in general.  Such an awesome lady with a sick and twisted mind!  My kind of people! If you haven’t read her debut crime novel, Now You See Me you need to do so….now!


My #Twinnie – Sharon Bairden of Chapter In My Life was arriving at noon and brought me a wee taste of Canada …#timbits …woohoo! They never left Edinburgh – I devoured them with a gallon of coffee as I packed up to leave on the Friday!

The #TwinniesOnTour kicked off that evening with Noir at The Bar (#NATBEdin) in The Canons Gait bar where Dr. Noir herself – the one and only Jacky Collins – kept the audience amused and the crime writers in check with her fantastic, enthusiatic and simply sparkling personality! Each author had a few minutes to grab our interest with a reading from either their latest book or their current work in progress! I was pleasantly surprised and cannot wait to read the full novel for some of these authors! Very exciting!  KA Richardson, CJ Dunford, Gillean Somerville-Arjat, CS Duffy, Claire MacLeary, Alan Jones, Wendy Jones, Ian Skewis and the wild card Doug Sinclair!

Sharon and I were reunited with our #PartnerInCrime Alan Jones which was awesome! We always have a giggle when Alan is around! Gillean gave a shout out to Graham Smith’s Crime and Publishment – for any aspiring writers or those who want to learn more about writing, any level, I highly recommend this weekend of crime writing and will see you there in 2018!  I also got to meet fellow blogger, Joanne Baird from Portobello Book Blog  and I also caught up with the birthday girl, Kelly Lacey of Love Books Group Blog too!

The evening ended on a high when Sharon, Livia, Ian Skewis and myself decided a few more drinks were in order and we trawled the streets of Edinburgh for a pub that was open! We found one, we laughed and had a great evening and then my time in Edinburgh was over.  Catching the train at noon on Friday, I headed home having spent two fabulous days with people I adore and in a place I absolutely love.

I cannot recommend the Noir at The Bar events enough! Keep your eyes peeled for one near you as the experience is amazing. I try and get to as many as possible – it gives me the chance to travel to places I may not have before, spend an evening with like-minded people and hear some fantastic pieces of crime fiction being read out! After a few rhubarb gins and gingerales, I even agreed to put my name in for the wild card at the next one I attend! Eeeeek!