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Happy Monday, #bookjunkies! Today guest reviewer Claire Knight shares her thoughts on Allan Watson’s dark & disturbing Heart Swarm!

About the Book

It feels like history is repeating itself when out-of-favour detective Will Harlan gets summoned to a crime scene in the village of Brackenbrae after a young girl is found hanging in the woods.

Five years ago Harlan headed up the investigation of an identical murder in the same woods; a mishandled investigation that effectively destroyed his credibility as a detective. The new case immediately takes a bizarre twist when the body is identified as the same girl found hanging in the woods five years ago.

The following day a local man commits suicide and the police find more dead girls hidden in his basement. The case seems open and closed.

Until the killing spree begins.

Harlan finds himself drawn into a dark world where murder is a form of self-expression and human life treated as one more commodity to be used and discarded.

The only clue that links everything is a large oil painting of ‘Sagittarius A’ – a massive black hole at the centre of the galaxy orbited by thirteen stars daubed in blood with the words – Heart Swarm

Claire’s Rating: 4/5


Claire’s Review:

When two people whose opinions on books I trust rave about a book, I know I’m in for a treat. I’d not heard of Allan Watson before Sharon Bairden of Chapter in My Life started shouting about his book Heart Swarm and my interest was piqued. Then #mamapossum Noelle raved about it, my fate was sealed and I knew I had to read this book.

Heart Swarm is such a twisted story, packed with shocking revelations. It opens with the disturbing discovery of a young girl in the woods, in duplicate fashion to one five years previous. Is this a copy cat killer or is there something more untoward going on? Well this is a crime thriller so anything is possible!

I really liked the main character Will Harlan as a detective. He doesn’t want to be a people pleaser, he just wants to fight crime and lock up the bad guys. And he is trying desperately hard to solve the crime that was his downfall. Can he redeem himself and solve the horrific murder that destroyed his reputation, career and marriage?

I loved the setting of Brackenbrae; as I read, I imagined this leafy town with shrouded in darkness, maybe because of the nature to the story and it being set in the depths of wintery December. As I read, Harlan’s determination to find the truth became my determination! And oh the discoveries he makes, well they’re different to say the least!

This dark crime thriller is just that, dark. It’s not for the faint-hearted at all but if you like your stories dark, shocking and twisted, Heart Swarm might be right up your street!! Allan Watson is definitely going on my list to watch!

Many thanks to Allan Watson and the lovely Noelle for my copy of Heart Swarm.

Thanks, Claire for another cracking review! If you fancy a dark, crime thriller then click the wee book below or head over to amazon and grab a copy now!

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