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Morning, peeps! Today my guest reviewer, Claire Knight – is sharing her thoughts on Killing Dr Watson by Matt Ferraz! Grab a cuppa and have a read! 


Years after its final episode was broadcasted by the BBC, The Baker Street Sleuth continues to be the most famous Sherlock Holmes TV series of all time, with constant re-runs and thousands of fans. Jerry Bellamy is one of them, and his passion for the series is the only thing that makes his life bearable. With a lousy job, no friends and a difficult relationship with his family, Jerry finds comfort in the adventures of the detective played by the great Sir Bartholomew Neville. But after finding out that a mysterious killer is eliminating the actors who played Dr. Watson in the different seasons of The Baker Street Sleuth, Jerry and Neville team up to form an unlikely partnership to stop these murders from happening. A mysterious redhead, secret agents and street kids with sharp pocket-knives complete this unusual crime novel where finding out who the killer is might not be the end of the mystery.

Claire’s Rating: 3/5


Claire’s Review:

I expected Killing Dr Watson to be a whodunnit murder mystery kind of book. Little did I know I was in store for something rather different.

I felt the whole story was a bit of caper; who would want to go round killing actors who had played the most famous literary sidekick? Über fan Jerry thinks he’s onto a serial killer who is on the loose, bumping off the co-stars of Bartholomew Neville who played Sherlock Holmes. So he enlists Neville to find the killer.

I really didn’t take to Neville, quite possibly the author’s intention. He was portrayed as your a-typical pompous star who has got too big for his boots. Jerry is a bit of an odd character; he seems to make decisions on the fly. Not small decisions like tomato ketchup or brown sauce on your bacon butty (brown sauce of course, no contest!). These are slightly bigger decisions like turning up late for work when you’ve already hacked the boss off for not working the previous day.

This is definitely nothing like I’ve read before. It’s a caper crossed with a murder mystery mixed with a bit of a conspiracy thriller.

Many thanks to Matt Ferraz and CrimeBookJunkie book blog for my copy of Killing Dr Watson.


Thank you Claire for your guest review! If Claire’s review has your interest piqued, you can grab a copy via the link below or head over to amazon when you get a chance! 

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