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Caleb Zelic can’t hear you. But he can see everything.

The prizewinning debut thriller from the new name in crime


His childhood friend has been brutally murdered at his home in Melbourne. Tortured by guilt, Caleb vows to track down the killer. But he’s profoundly deaf; missed words and misread lips can lead to confusion, and trouble.


Fortunately, Caleb knows how to read people; a sideways glance, an unconvincing smile, speak volumes. When his friend Frankie, a former cop, offers to help, they soon discover the killer is on their tail.


Sensing that his ex-wife may also be in danger, Caleb insists they return to their hometown of Resurrection Bay. But here he learns that everyone – including his murdered friend – is hiding something. And the deeper he digs, the darker the secrets…


My Rating: 5/5


My thanks to Pushkin Press for this ARC.

My Review:

Wow!  What a debut novel!  I knew this was going to be a great book when I saw the review request in my Inbox – and I wasn’t wrong!

Set in Melbourne and Resurrection Bay, Australia the reader is faced with corruption, conspiracy, betrayal, fear, regret, insecurity, disability, loyalty and broken trust.

What a fantastically gripping start to this story! Descriptive and graphic – it immediately got my attention – #killerhook! I found this to be a fast-paced read and once I started, I devoured this badboy within a few hours! I just could not put it down! Packed with a great narrative and an interesting, intriguing flow to the story – I found it to be unique and distinct from other crime thrillers I have read in recent months.

Character-wise…can I get a *high five*!? ?? Simply SUPERB!! I adored Caleb Zelic from the outset! Deaf from a young age, this PI teams up with an ex- alcoholic cop and investigate claims brought to their attention.  However, neither are defined solely by their character flaws.

Caleb is insecure and fights his hearing inpairment on a daily basis. He does not come across as ashamed of it, but rather does not want to be known for that alone or treated differently, so uses lip reading and a hearing aid to “fit in” as he says.  Caleb is clever, determined, loyal but also extremely stubborn and I loved how his character grew throughout out the story.

Frankie Reynolds is an ex-police officer who fights her battle with alcoholism on a daily basis.  She has a genuine fondness and what seems like a strong bond of friendship with Caleb, so agrees to help him investigate his friends murder even though all clues point to his friend being involved in something dubious! I really loved the relationship between Frankie and Caleb – the wit and sarcasm as well as their friendship really made this pair an interesting duo!

There were so many other characters I could discuss/mention – Caleb’s ex-wife, his brother, the police – but I think that these are people you need to come across and take in from reading the book!  I thoroughly enjoyed the fact this this was NOT your typical PI or Police Procedural – that is what gives it its edge.  And bloody hell – the twists!!  I seriously thought I had everything worked out nicely, very confident as I nodded my head thinking “You got this, Noelle!” when #BOOM – I was knocked flat on my backside!

Would I recommend this debut novel?  Oh-my-giddy-aunt, you bet your sweet arse I would!  Captivating,  quirky and absolutely riveting – Make sure you add this book to your TBR now!  I cannot wait to see what is next in store for Caleb Zelic!