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When she woke, she found herself in darkness. She couldn’t move. She was going to die and she had no idea why…

When the body of Lola Evans is found in a river in a local park on a cold winter’s morning, Detective Alex King and her new recruit Chloe Lane are called in to lead the hunt for the killer.

Days later, another girl goes missing, and another body is found in the water. It seems the two girls shared a troubled history, and were members of the same support group. What secrets were they keeping? And who is the monster preying on these vulnerable girls?

As the detectives start to piece together the clues, it becomes clear that the murderer’s reach goes even further – back into the painful past of Chloe Lane herself. Chloe realises that she too is in danger – as she uncovers secrets about her own brother’s death which someone will kill to keep hidden.

Alex and Chloe are soon caught in a race against time to reach the next victim before it’s too late… and they must face terrifying truths from their own lives to have a chance of catching the killer.

Chilling and totally compelling with an utterly surprising twist, The Girls in the Water is perfect for fans of Robert Bryndza, Sarah Hilary, and Patricia Gibney.

My Rating 5/5


My #Mini Review:

Audible is not really my thing, as I have a certain pace I read books at and therefore, I often struggle to listen to a book rather than read it for myself.  That being said, I really enjoyed listening to Victoria Jenkins’ THE GIRLS IN THE WATER as it set the tone nicely for what I had to look forward to….and OMFG what a grisly and twisted read did I have!

Set in Wales, the reader is confronted with fear, beliefs, haunting pasts that taunt the present, obsessive behaviour and the search for the truth.

This was one interesting, intricate and utterly compelling plot with a prologue that had me hooked from the start! The descriptions were fantastically written and I found myself cringing in all the right places and for all the right reasons! The storyline kept me guessing and I loved the fact that it started out at a steady pace and then picked up to whiz me through to the bitter end.

This book was full of interesting and diverse characters but as this is a mini review, I’ll stick to the two main characters: DI Alex King & DC Chloe Lane.  We get to learn a lot about the characters in this book as this debut novel sets the reader up nicely with some excellent background information.  The author lays it all out nicely in a meaningful and relevant way.

King & Lane are likeable but also can be annoying.  When characters get under your skin, this can turn out to be awesome or disastrous – fortunately for Victoria Jenkins, this pair rubbed me up the wrong way for all the right reasons! We learn a lot about King & Lane’s personal lives and often drift from the past to the present.  I loved that I found myself constantly asking questions and looking for links in my own sad attempt of being one step ahead of this police duo.  There is quite a strong bond/relationship between these characters which I really enjoyed learning about. I look forward to what is next for this pair in future books!

Do I recommend THE GIRLS IN THE WATER? Erm….You bet your sweet arse I do!  Dark, twisted and full of suspense, this Detective thriller will leave you gasping for more!  Fancy checking it out? Just click on the wee book below!