Noir at the Bar NE

Hey #bookjunkies!  This week I headed up to the fabulous city of Newcastle for one of my favourite #BookishEvents – Noir at the Bar NE. Not a long post to share – just a few words and some fab pics which really capture the moments!


Have you ever had that feeling where you want to pinch yourself just to check that where you are and what you are doing is actually happening? On July 5th 2017 that is EXACTLY how I felt! There I was in Newcastle, #Fangirling in a room full of THE most exceptional but maybe not so well known crime writers ~ drinking, chatting books and listening to short stories or excerpts from chapters of books they have written. That is what Noir At The Bar NE is all about and as usual,  it was hosted by the wonderful Vic Watson and Newcastle Noir Royalty Jacky Collins!!!

To find out a bit more about the history behind the N@tB events, read this post that Vic Watson wrote for my blog last year: 

I mean….look at that line-up! ?? The readings were phenomenal, especially when Jacky read the Wild Card who fittingly was the wonderful but sadly missed, Helen Cadbury.  I also had a great laugh chatting with the authors until the poor barman had to virtually shove us out of there!

One of the highlights of my evening was meeting fellow blogger, Sheila Howes of The Quiet Geordie and…..OMFG…..David McCaffrey!!!  Eeeeeeek!  I adore David, he has been a huge support of my blog, my writing and gave me an amazing opportunity with his company Britain’s Next Bestseller!  More importantly, he has been a GREAT friend for years and I was thrilled to finally get to meet him!  He is just as AWESOME in person as he is online…..Look how happy I am!!

Earlier in the day, I managed to FINALLY get over to the magnificent LIT & PHIL Library!  WOW! WOW! WOW!  So many gorgeous books, old & new!  I could have spent hours in there!  And of course, I had to have a look for some of my faves….look who I spotted!  Yes Mr Smith…I am looking at you!  Eeeeeeek!

So another fabulous Noir at the Bar attended!  I can’t recommend this event enough…and they are popping up all over the UK, so #Bookjunkies…there is no excuse! For those of you attending Harrogate this year, make sure you get yourselves over to the N@tB Harrogate at the line up is SUPERB!! ?? See you there!!

4 Replies to “Noir at the Bar NE”

  1. Awww! Behave, you! Love these events & love listening to the new talent as well as some of my faves! Next time, you had better be reading! ??

  2. Fabulous write up, Muffin! And yes, amazing authors present demonstrating just how talented they are. And trust me, the fingerings/boying was all mine meeting you!!