Pursue Your Dreams…

#AllTheEeeeeeeek’s and #AllTheOMFG’s!!!!! I have been extremely well behaved in containing my excitement (except of course for all the teasing…#MyBad) but I am over the friggin moon to finally be able to say: I am leaving my job of 18 years in Probation to work for THE best digital publishing company/team in the UK…BOOKOUTURE! ….I was shouting there….could you hear me? The smile on my face these last few weeks has been really ticking my co-workers off…Sorry..not sorry! And in case I didn’t shout loud enough on the day….here is the link to check it out yourself! http://www.bookouture.com/2017/06/19/noelle-holten-joins-bookouture/

My passion for #AllTheBooks and #AllTheAuthors has finally led to a dream come true opportunity and I am still pinching myself to make sure it is real! Well, I handed in my resignation…so I hope that I haven’t had a moment of delusional madness and made this whole thing up!! ??

I cannot wait to work alongside the ever-so-awesome Kim Nash as a PR & Social Media Manager starting July 10th! For about 9 months now, thanks to my fairy godmother- Kim Nash, I have been working freelance for Bookouture and have LOVED every minute of it. Doing this allows me to earn extra income, but most importantly, for me, this means I get to do what I love which is writing. When the AMAZING Oliver Rhodes & WONDERFUL Kim Nash hinted that they could turn my dreams of working in the publishing industry into a reality, I was excited at the prospect but also scared of leaving a job that I was good at, was relatively stable and pretty much the career path I thought I would be in until I retired. But sometimes you have totake a leap of faith and trust in the magic of new beginnings”

The whole Bookouture team are AWESOME! I have not come across a more dedicated, passionate and completely professional team who believe in their authors and do everything they can to make their books successful. To be a part of that….well….WOW! Words fail me. Simply A-maze-ing! ?

I am not going to go into details about why I was so keen to leave probation because (a) I don’t want to bore you or moan and (b) I am still employed by them for the time being! ?? But needless to say, Probation is a very stressful job, so now the only killers I have to worry about are those on the pages of a book……and that is pure gold!

And to top the most PERFECT day off, I found out I won an award on Feedspot Top 100 blogs!! Well, my blog did! How fabulous is that! Read more about it HERE.

I am ever so grateful and overwhelmed by all the wonderful, uplifting and simply amazing comments, messages and support given to me. I can’t possibly name you all, but you know who you are. Thank you so much for being you, and allowing me…to be, just weird, wild and crazy ‘ol me!

I also want to give a MAHOOSIVE shout out to David & Kelly McCaffrey of Britain’s Next Bestseller. This wonderful pair took a chance and gave me the most amazing opportunity by appointing me as a Manuscript Advisor for the crime genre/submissions that came in. Although it was only for a short time, I LOVED every minute of it and will always be grateful for their belief in my skills! THANK YOU ?

Last and final words: Never ever give up on your dreams…pursue them with passion, believe in yourself and one day you will make those dreams a reality – I did! #BOOM ??

21 Replies to “Pursue Your Dreams…”

  1. Congratulations and certainly one of the best and most entertaining “life change” job announcements I’ve read in quite a while. Doing what you love for a living is truly a blessing.

    David Liscio
    –author of Deadly Fare

  2. Hi Noelle. So amazing to hear that dreams do come true! Congrats! Can I ask, what were you doing for Bookouture on a freelance basis and what are you going to be doing for them full time? Hugs. Kim

  3. HI Noelle
    I, too, am a former probation and parole officer who left because it was too high stress and I ended up becoming ill. I am now a full time writer and love it – and my job has been such a source of material for my books!
    Congratulations, I’m sure you will love your new life.

  4. I couldn’t be happier for you, Noelle. You are a perfect fit for the Bookouture team and as authors, we are so lucky to have you. I think many of us have noticed how much you support us and can’t wait to lock you in the Gin Room together with Kim at the next get-together 😉

    I’m a big believer in following your dreams. Keep shrieking and congratulations on your award too. I can’t hear you… louder, please…

  5. This is just wonderful. I hope they know what they are letting themselves in for! Seriously, I’m absolutely delighted for you lovely lady. I hope you enjoy every single moment x

  6. So delighted for you (and very very jealous!! 😉) Noelle. It’s such a wonderful exciting opportunity and you will be ace!. Probation’s loss is the book worlds gain. Xx