?Happy Valentine’s Day Book Lovers ?

Happy Valentine’s Day my fellow #Booklovers!  I thought today would be a good day to shout out about some of the books and some of the authors I love!  Of course, I won’t be able to name every single one as if I am honest, I am a serial cheat when it comes to my #LoveOfBooks – I take a different author to bed with me every other night….#MyBad…but I will definitely share some of my faves and hope that maybe you might fall in love with them too!

To make it simple, I am going to first share the book covers of some of my favourite books/authors, if you want to know more, you can search the book on my site and VOILA!  That way, no pressure, but you will find out more about WHY I love that book so much if you so choose!  But I have to say, that each of these authors are BRILLIANT at what they do and deserve ALL the #BookLove!

Sooooo, there are just a few of my favourite authors, books and series – and I had to stop as I could have posted forever!  But I would love to hear about some of YOUR favourites!  What books do you love?  Who are your “go to” authors?  What series has you squealing in excitement when the next book comes out?  Don’t be shy!  Share the #BookLove!

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