Top Reads of 2016 – Part 4

Well this is it…drum roll…..the FINAL part of my #TopReads2016 (October to December) and let me tell you, there are some superb…SU-BLOODY-PERB books in my final round-up.  In case you missed the other 3 parts, and want to add some brilliant crime reads to your TBR, I have included the links to the first 3 parts – can’t have you missing out now, can I!? #BookPusher …Let me feed your habit!

Top Reads Part 1     Top Reads Part 2     Top Reads Part 3 

Ok, bookjunkies!  Are you ready?  Eeeeeek!  Have a look at these bad boys!  Click the title for my full review and a link to amazon….

CrimeBookJunkie’s Top Reads of 2016 – Part 4 

Dark Water – Robert Bryndza

Love You To Death – Caroline Mitchell

I Know Your Secret – Graham Smith

The Girls Next Door – Mel Sherratt

Three Weeks Dead – Rebecca Bradley 

The Killing Game – J.S. Carol 

Play Dead – Angela Marsons 

The Taken – Casey Kelleher

The Suicide Plan – Emma L Clapperton

Lone Wolf – Sara Driscoll

The Introvert – Michael P Michaud

Blood Lines – Angela Marsons 

Tijuana Donkey Showdown – Adam Howe

What Remains of Me – A.L. Gaylin

Witness – Caroline Mitchell

By Any Means Necessary – Stephen Sayers / David McCaffrey

Scared To Death – Rachel Amphlett 

Cut To The Bone – Alex Caan 

The Fallen – Michael Wood 

Between The Crosses – Matthew Frank 

Out Of Bounds – Val McDermid 

Honourable Mention – The Harbour Master : Daniel Pembrey – and I dare you to try and get ? Jessie’s Girl ? out of your head after reading this book!

And #OneToWatchOutFor: Tell Me A Lie – C.J. Carvermy review won’t be up until Publication Day but it is a 5⭐ read and one you do NOT want to miss out on!

Woohoooooo!  So that is IT!!  2016 has been an amazing reading year and from the books I have waiting on my TBR, yet to be published….OMFG 2017 is going to SMASH it!  Happy Reading #bookjunkies!

4 Replies to “Top Reads of 2016 – Part 4”

  1. Happy New Year, Helene! I will have a look at your recommendation! I love finding a #NewAuthorForMe! And thank you for the compliment!! Loving the #ConnoisseursOfCrime! Sounds like an awesome book club! I have some great reads/reviews lined up for 2017 already, so hope you’ll pop back now & again! ?

  2. Note to: CrimeBookJunkie — Hello and Happy New Year! This blog is a great discovery for the start of 2017! I’m always looking for a new mystery, and you seem to share my thoughts that a killer-read is a MUST at all times. My faves are psychological mysteries. (ever read “Trigger Finger” by Jackson Spencer Bell? Oh my …)
    I love your enthusiastic reviews, and I just got a book based on your say-so. I’m always looking for “the good stuff” as I lead a book club for Connoisseurs of Crime. Lots of information for me here. Thanks!

  3. Happy New Year! So many books! But what a joy to read!! I am looking foward to what 2017 holds…I have a few to read for January which I know will be amazing!

  4. I reviewed a CJ Carver last year and really enjoyed it, so I’ll be sure to read this one. I loved Out Of Bounds for it’s focus on detective work, albeit very modern techniques. *Desperately trying not to be a spoiler!* Happy New Year!