Left For Dead: *Review*



Amelia Kellaway is ecstatic. The thirty-something lawyer has quit her job and turned her back on the suffocating corporate world of a New York law firm to embark on a three month solo trek of the California Coastal Trail. But as Amelia sets out on her big adventure, things take a sinister turn when she’s kidnapped by a stranger and taken deep into the wilderness.

A fast-paced read, this chilling novella delivers a heart-pounding conclusion that you won’t see coming.

My Rating: 3/5

My Review: 

I received an ARC of this novella which I choose to read/review and offer my honest opinion on.

Set in America, we start off in New York with the main character who is on her way to new adventures in California.  It is a story of freedom; fear; new beginnings; survival, and the negative and positive aspects of power and control – the taking of and being under.

Initially I thought this was going to be a fast-paced and gripping read..and to be fair, it was – for a time.  There were parts in it that slowed down the intensity/suspense and for me, and just dragged on a little to long.  It picked up again and the race was on, but unfortunately  I just struggled a bit to keep interested.  It was a strange one for me as I loved the start, not too sure about the middle and enjoyed most, but not all of the end! How mad is that?!

As mentioned above, I absolutely loved the start of this book, with the antagonist pulling a “Ted Bundy” on the main character –  I was hooked! This guy intrigued me.  I wanted to know all about him – what made him tick, what was his motive and what the hell was he planning on doing!? …..I felt that there was a gap here and perhaps that is why I felt I was left hanging.

Amelia Kellaway, the main character, was also interesting.  I am still not sure what exactly I feel about her…but the fact that she is stuck in my mind, tells me she had an impact!  She wants to be a free-spirit, and faces many trials on her strength of character in this story.  Her fight for survival is evident from the get go and I guess, I really was drawn to her ability to carry on, even when giving up would have been so easy!

I really think this could have been a great read, but for me there were some gaps that left me with more questions than answers.  It is a good story and I definitely would recommend it to others as there were parts that really grabbed me. I will  be reading more from this author though – I guess I just wanted a wee bit more from this novella.

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