Tragic Deception: Claire Knight *Guest Review*

Woohoo!  As this book is on my current review TBR, I am not reading this review as I post it – but I have no doubt that my awesome guest reviewer, Claire Knight, has done a kickass job on raving about M.A. Comley & Linda Prather’s Tragic Deception!  Over to you Claire!



For important background information, please read the novella CLEVER DECEPTION first.

“Seek liberty, Foxy, and you’ll find me.”

Sergeant Alexandra Fox came to America to find the man who had brutally murdered her sister. A man the press called The Escape Artist. Could a British Sergeant fit in with the NYPD? Not if Commander Patterson had anything to do with it.

Suspended with only two friends in America– Chief Brown, a long time family friend, and retired Sergeant Matt “Nobby” Adams, Alex has seven days to find three kidnapped babies, or look for a new job.

Her investigation leads her into a world of deception, that turns tragic before it even begins, and a helping hand from the one person she hated the most–The Escape Artist.

Claire’s Rating: 5/5

Claire’s Review: 

Alex Fox is Stateside and struggling to fit in in the testosterone fuelled NYPD crew under Commander Patterson. Patterson is an egotistical chauvinistic pig (and that’s the clean version of my opinion) who manages his team by fear and threats, has spies who report to him and bringing hell to the lives of those who aren’t in his clique. I really did not like him. I’m kind of glad he didn’t feature that much but he was still there lurking in the background, almost omnipresent. Thankfully he is not omnipotent unlike Chief Brown; Brown is working his hardest to get this special unit off the ground.

I really like Alex as a character, she’s a tenacious woman who feels she has to prove herself to everyone. She doesn’t trust many, but those she trusts and comes to trust are great characters. Nobby is a loveable man, he’s kind of like an uncle figure help to keep Alex sane.

The pace was perfect, fast and furious. The whole way through, I was kept guessing as to what was going on and even when there were revelations about the culprits, there were still more shocks to come!

The Anglo-American language swaps really made me laugh. Alex’s confusion when she was accused of jerking someone around made me smirk…..oh and then “Cockwomble” I really couldn’t stop giggling each time I read it.

I love this writing collaboration; it’s seamless between the two authors. I can see elements of each of their own writing styles but it’s only little things. The switch between the duo is unidentifiable. They are a match made in literary heaven!

I love the covers for this Deception series, the murky green and black with the red accent. They add an element of darkness to the books, not that they’re dark enough. Cannot wait for Sinful Deception. Will Alex catch up with the evil twisted Escape Artist or will he escape to see another instalment of the Deception series?!

Many thanks to the authors for sending me a copy of Tragic Deception.

I am really looking forward to reading this after Clever Deception totally grabbed me!  Only 99p #bookjunkies! Click the link and grab a copy now! Thanks for the review, Claire! 

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