Through The Looking Glass…or not!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved #AllThingsCrime.  From a young age, her preference for the macabre, twisted and scary tales developed and as she grew older, it only got worse!


Murder, mayhem and massacre filled her brain as time passed and she hid away in dark corners reading story upon story of mysteries to be solved.  True crime, crime thrillers, twisted psychological fabrications would always put a smile on her face – it is a wonder she was never committed!


Every now and again, she would pen her own stories – detectives solving crimes, horrible serial killers wreaking havoc in cities and fiendish ghouls that tormented souls.  But alas, these would not pay her bills so she started working with those people she read about in books as a Senior Probation Officer! Oh my!


Her love of books remained and in her “spare” time she started reviewing.  Social media introduced her to this wonderfully crazy group of people known as bloggers!  She had found her tribe! Woohoo!


Eventually, after a lot of support and encouragement she started up her own blog: CrimebookJunkie and she was able to combine her love of reading, writing and shouting out about all the amazingly talented authors she came across! She thought she had reached the ultimate level of happiness….


Just when she was going through an incredibly stressful time at work, and really feeling like she needed a change – she called out to the universe and wished that something incredibly awesome would come her way!  Well OMFG!!!  The universe listened and sent one of her favourite publishers tapping at her window!

img_9537 img_9538

The amazing Bookouture asked the girl if she wanted to join freelance and work with Mel Sherratt and Caroline Mitchell!! Eeeeeeeeeeek!  It’s true.  She pinched herself to make sure she was not dreaming and squealed excitedly as she responded: OMFG! Yes! Yes!  Hell yes!!!  She would now have a legitimate #LicenceToStalk!! *high five*


Okay…okay #bookjunkies!  That was just a wee bit of silly fun, but I am so very excited to say that Dreams Can Come True as I really have joined the most wonderful team of individuals at Bookouture and cannot contain my excitement!  It is a huge honour for me to have been approached and I am looking forward to the opportunities that await!


So thank you Bookouture for making me one happy lady!   I look forward to what the future holds! Check out their website at to see the amazing authors they promote and the fantastic team behind those authors!

16 Replies to “Through The Looking Glass…or not!”

  1. Thrilled to bits for you, Noelle! I love it when people are happy, and you obviously are. And congrats to Bookouture too – they’re getting one of the book world’s greats 🙂

  2. LOL! Nope, I am strictly all about the crime!! Though I do love Marcie Steele! Claire Knight, my guest reviewer, can get away with non crime (occassionally) – but I will stay true to what I know best! ?
    Thanks xx

  3. Flipping brilliant post. Well done missus, massive congratulations from damppebbles HQ. Bookouture are lucky to have such a dedicated follower of crime fiction on the team ❤

  4. Good luck Noelle. You’ll do amazing in what ever is asked of you.
    You are an amazing lady.
    Wishing you all the very best my friend.

    Hope they know what they let themselves in for………