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Beneath the water the body sank rapidly. Above her on dry land, the nightmare was just beginning.

When Detective Erika Foster receives a tip-off that key evidence for a major narcotics case was stashed in a disused quarry on the outskirts of London, she orders for it to be searched. From the thick sludge the drugs are recovered, but so is the skeleton of a young child.

The remains are quickly identified as seven-year-old Jessica Collins. The missing girl who made headline news twenty-six years ago.

As Erika tries to piece together new evidence with the old, she must dig deeper and find out more about the fractured Collins family and the original detective, Amanda Baker. A woman plagued by her failure to find Jessica. Erika soon realises this is going to be one of the most complex and demanding cases she has ever taken on.

Is the suspect someone close to home? Someone is keeping secrets. Someone who doesn’t want this case solved. And they’ll do anything to stop Erika from finding the truth.

My Rating: 5/5

My Review: 

My thanks to Netgalley/Bookouture for a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

Is it me?  Or does this series just keep getting better and better!?  I was immediately hooked and my interest was held from the first page to the last!

Set in London, the reader experiences the devastating effects of loss, secrets, guilt and the search for the truth.

Detective Erika Foster is back and this time, she means business.  The many facets of this character are expanded on even more in this book and do you know what….I am really liking what I read!  On the one hand, she is quite vulnerable and we see the urgency of her desires come to the forefront.  BUT…. she is also a bit of a hard-ass and I definitely would not want to find myself in her bad books!  I was thrilled to see her back with Peterson & Moss – this trio bounce brilliantly off each other and are fiercely loyal!

Crawford and Amanda Baker- welly, welly…well!  Do you know what?  I am not even going to say anything more about these two…except, WTAF?!  Ha!  They are typically flawed and masterfully written.

I also found myself…once again…drawn to the baddies in this book!  I am really beginning to worry about where this may lead! ? It could just be the fact they they are so well written, you can’t help but find yourself sucked into their badness!  Just make sure you come out the other side unscathed!

I loved all the red-herrings Mr Bryndza throws at the reader …I did figure out (eventually) part of the main twist but only just before it was revealed.  I must have been on form because it was pretty tricky!  My synapses were firing on full throttle!

There were some spine-tingling, OMFG moments that really make this book a #TopRead and I am more than excited to see what is next in store for Erika Foster!  A definite Hell Yeah recommendation from me…click the link and check it out for yourselves #bookjunkies!

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