See How They Run ~Review



How far would you go to save your family?

In the dead of night, new parents Alice and Harry French are plunged into their worst nightmare when they wake to find masked men in their bedroom. Men ruthless enough to threaten their baby daughter, Evie.

This is no burglary gone wrong.
The intruders know who they’re looking for – a man called Edward Renshaw.

And they are prepared to kill to get to him.

When the men leave empty handed, little do Alice and Harry realise that their nightmare is just beginning. Is it a case of mistaken identity? Who is Renshaw? And what is he hiding?

One thing is clear – they already know too much.

As Alice and Harry are separated in the run for their lives, there is no time to breathe in their fight to be reunited. And with their attackers closing in, there is only one choice:


My Rating: 5/5

My Review:

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for my copy of See How They Run in exchange for an honest review.

I am a BIG fan of Bookouture crime authors, so when I heard that they had a “new author” I was over-the-moon.  However, having a TBR pile the size of a 2-bedroomed bungalow, made it difficult for me to get this book up my TBR quick enough.  Then I met Tom Bale at an Author/Blogger event arranged by Bookouture’s awesome Kim Nash.  What a lovely guy!  So I bumped his book a little more.  Kim then approached me for a #BlogTour of Mr Bale’s second book All Fall Down — that was it!  Finger was pulled out and I went on a #BaleBinge!  And OMFG I am soooooo glad I did!

See How They Run is set in Brighton and you really get a feel for the place through the author’s use of subtle, yet engaging, descriptive text.   A variety of themes can be found in the pages and include: Secrets; Trust; Gangster lifestyle; betrayal and of course…how far would you go to save your family!

The plot was believeable, exciting, emotional and fast-paced – the momentum just kept on building until it exploded in complete brilliance at the end!! If I shout OMFG more than once…. outloud….when reading….I know I am onto a winning #CrimeThriller….let’s just say, I lost count of how many times the OMFG’s came flying out of my mouth!  Holy friggin moly – this had me hooked!

And I cannot even begin to tell you the number of emotions that raced through me when reading this book! Bloody hell!!  I was disgusted, angered, afraid, excited, thrilled, suspicious, sad ….I mean COME ON Mr Bale!! Give a girl a chance to breathe will ya!!  It was AWESOME!

I really enjoyed the build up of suspense. There was an intensity to it that was hard to escape from and the majority of this came through in the characters.  Harry, Alice and Evie French – Harry and Alice were fabulous characters …. even with their flaws, there was a strength in their relationship that shone through.  Even baby Evie shares her thoughts – I thought that was clever!  Ruth Monroe – ooooh!!  Do we trust her?  What is her motive?  Not telling #bookjunkies!  Read the book and find out!  Renshaw- hmmmm….what is his story – good or bad!? He draws the reader in with the fear he evokes and then….well….no spoilers here! But for me…it was Nerys and her son Michael that had me gripped.  I mean, WTAF!?!  Even the gangsters, Vickery and Laird, had this pull on me….friggin adored the characters in this book!

Summing up….Did I love it?  Hell FRIGGIN Yeah I loved it!  Kicking myself I waited so long.  If it is on your TBR – bump this baby up!  If you don’t have it….seriously???  Click the link and do not wait to read it!!!

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  2. Awwww! Thanks so much Sarah! We do share similar tastes and I have read many a book on your fab recommendations! My review style will never change…it may nit be everyone’s cup of tea…but it is how I write, and it works for me! ??

  3. What I love about Noelle’s reviews is that she is very passionate about books and what she reads which really shines through in her reviews. For me I can tell whether she has really loved a book or not and as we have similar tastes in books, I have never been disappointed when I have gone on to purchase one of the books I can tell she loves. She also brings a lot of fun and energy into reviewing so Noelle you keep doing what your doing as it works for me.

  4. first time here – your reviewing ‘style’ is a little over the top but hey..I’ll check out some of the recommendations…