Reap What You Sow: Claire Knight ~ Guest Review

I have a wee soft spot for Caffeine Nights Publishing and Mr Fowler is no exception!  Claire gives us a great review on DS Hunter Kerr in this short story, so much so….I just downloaded! ?



A  DS Hunter Kerr short story from Michael Fowler including a sample for the first in the D.S. Hunter Kerr series – Heart of the Demon. In ‘Reap What You Sow’, D.S. Hunter Kerr is confronted with a criminal who employs a lawyer who exploits legal loopholes to help his clients escape justice. Can Hunter Kerr find a way to get his man before the criminal strikes again?

Claire’s Rating: 4.5/5

Claire’s Review:

When Caffeine Nights say it’s a Short Shot, they’re not kidding.

Hunter Kerr is in court and has an altercation with a QC who then has something to add and this is all in the space of less than 30 pages!!

Without much narrative to play with, Michael Fowler gave me the impression of Kerr being a bit of a sexy police detective, it might be something to do with the name Hunter. You can’t be called Hunter without the image of a buff man springing to mind…or is that just me watching too much Gladiators in my impressionable years!

I am always impressed how much is crammed into a short story, and Reap What You Sow is no exception. It’s definitely made me want to read more about Hunter Kerr and more by the author! Given I already have Heart of The Demon waiting for me patiently, I’m hoping time will let me get back to DS Kerr!


Oooooh!  I was sold on #SexyDetective!  Fab review Claire!  Last time I looked, this was a #Freebie on Amazon UK – click the link, and check it out!  

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