Drop Dead Perfect: Claire Knight ~ Guest Review

Woohoo #bookjunkies!  My most awesome Guest Reviewer, Claire Knight has reviewed Drop Dead Perfect by Rick Murcer today!  I think she liked it!  This was another book that has two covers- one for kindle…one for hardback —WHY  do they do that? So rather than choose, I have put them both up!!  I prefer the one on the left, if I had to chose!  #JustSaying!!  Ok…enough rambling, over to you Claire!



A disturbing and gruesome serial killer is on the loose with a distinct calling card: after every murder, he stages his victim’s body with meticulous attention to detail—perfectly dressed, perfectly made-up, and pinned with the disconcerting message “NOT HER.” This serial killer won’t settle for anything less than perfection.

Forensics expert Ellen Harper is assigned to investigate the bizarre string of crimes. Reeling from a recent divorce, she channels her emotions and energy into protecting the women of Chicago from the deranged killer. To complicate matters, Brice Rogers, a good-looking detective with some issues of his own, is working the case at her side.

As the body count climbs, Ellen must attempt to conquer her own demons, piece together the workings of a mind born of hate, and find the murderer before he kills again. And again.

Claire’s Rating: 4/5

Claire’s Review:

Drop Dead Perfect…what can I say? I hadn’t even finished Chapter One and I could tell our main perpetrator was a nut job…but the extent of the nuttiness just kept growing as the story went on!

I was just settling into the story and liking the characters (other than our nutty serial killer) and then Chapter 14 (there are 52 chapters so only a quarter of the way in) threw a cat amongst the pigeons! My hand flew to my mouth in shock!!

I liked the character of Ellen/Ellie; she doesn’t hold back but she’s methodical in her work, processing the crime scene. She doesn’t want other opinions to cloud her judgment or findings. I loved the spark Ellie has with Brice; I would be interested to see if anything further will happen between the pair in future books (hint hint Mr Murcer). I really liked the main character being a forensic specialist rather than a detective or police officer; it made a refreshing change to have the crime solved through science!

Having had a nosey at the author’s profile on Amazon, I will be getting one of the Manny Williams books to try.

A big thank you to Thomas & Mercer, Amazon Publishing and Netgalley for giving me this ebook in return for my unbiased review.

Fab review Claire!  If your interest is piqued, click the link and grab yourself a copy! 

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