The Major Crimes Team- Vol 1: Lines Of Enquiry – Claire Knight ~Guest Reviewer~

I am so excited that my lil’ star has finally met the one and only #DIHarryEvans!  To say I am a HUGE fan of the author, Graham Smith, would be an understatement.  I like to think of myself as his #1 Fan…oh wait…is that a bit too Annie Wilkes?  There is no need to worry, Mr Smith….I won’t be going all Misery on you…unless, of course, you stop writing….then I cannot make any promises! I reviewed  The Major Crimes Team-Vol 1: Lines of Enquiry back in May 2015 and so I am thrilled it is finding it’s way back to CrimeBookJunkie with Claire’s fantastic review!



The Cumbria Major Crimes team is under immense pressure to
get results. DCI Harry Evans and his subordinates, DS Neil
Chisholm, DC Lauren Phillips and DC Amir Bhaki must juggle cases
while tragedy stalks them. Up in Glasgow, DI John Campbell is
preparing to replace Evans, whose renegade ways have brought
enforced retirement.
Together they must investigate a man killed in his own home, a
vigilante group chasing a suspected paedophile, a river dammed
for no obvious reason and a woman whose cries of ‘wolf’ turn to
‘rape’. Meanwhile DC Phillips goes undercover off the books.

Claire’s Rating: 4.5/5

Claire’s Review: 

This book is just what I imagine life in a Major Crimes Team to be, a number of cases on the go with various lines of enquiry to explore. It’s a few short stories introducing the team, showing off their various skills, experience and personalities. I am always impressed the way authors can cram a lot into short stories and this collection of stories does cover a lot of ground, both catching the criminals and in the personal lives of senior officers.

The imagery is excellent; I could picture an angry community wanting a convicted paedophile out of their midst and in some communities, the mob vigilante culture does exist. And using Facebook to rally the mob, it’s the way to organise a mass gathering in the social media age!

I really liked Lauren’s story, going in, doing her own investigation when her official request was turned down. She’s a woman who gets what she wants and uses her physical assets to get what she wants/needs. Women do it throughout the working world and if it gets criminals to talk, why not!

Since I’ve know her, Noelle has shouted (a lot) about Graham Smith’s writing and having met him at the #TBConFB Northern Meet Up back in February, I decided I’d give Harry Evans and the team a go. Noelle promised me if I didn’t enjoy The Major Crimes Team she would refund my money. I can’t lie; I did really enjoy meeting Harry and the team so I definitely won’t be claiming a refund.

The Major Crimes Team is an excellent introduction to the set up in Cumbria. Who knew that life was so exciting in Carlisle?! I can’t wait to read the follow up, Snatched From Home! It’s going to be interesting seeing how Harry Evans reacts to John Campbell’s arrival!


Woohoo!!  A bloody cracking review from Claire and I am over the moon she enjoyed it — not just because I don’t have to fork out a refund either!  If you are curious about Cumbria’s Major Crimes Team and want to meet DI Harry Evans and the team for yourself, click the link below….you will NOT regret it!

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