Bad Samaritan ~Review~



A helping hand? Or the grip of a murderer?

A Glasgow student is found dead in a city-centre alley, kickstarting a trail of brutality that drives DI Ray McBain to the very edge, staring into the abyss… The victim’s family and friends are all under suspicion, and McBain has to untangle a sordid web of lies, blackmail, infidelity and cyberstalking. And when Stigmata, a deranged serial killer from McBain’s tortured past, starts taking out new victims – with the suspects and McBain himself in his sights – the case gets even more treacherous. The pressure intensifies until McBain calls on Kenny O’Neill, his old underworld crony, to help watch his back. Will that be enough to stop the killing?

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of frickin 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My Review:

I was given this book by Sara Hunt of Saraband Books in exchange for a honest review.

First off…I just need to get one thing of of my chest….EEEEEEEEEEK!!! I just finished BAD SAMARITAN by MICHAEL J MALONE!!! *and breathe*. If I could give this book more than five stars, trust me…I bloody well would!!

Have you guessed that I am excited?!  You have no clue how extremely happy I was when Sara Hunt contacted me and asked if I would read/review this ARC. OMFG you better believe I would…was my reply…but slightly more…ahem..professionally said…I think!!   I L❤️VE McBain!  Having read Blood Tears and A Taste For Malice, it seemed liked forever before this wonderful piece of literature found it’s way onto my kindle!  Fortunately, Mr Malone wrote Beyond The Rage in between Book 2 and Book 3 to lessen the clucking this bookjunkie was suffering!

DI McBain is back in all his glory except this time, the reader gets a bit more insight into his tormented past.  I was hooked from the get go, as the author teases you page by page, leaving me breathless as each chapter ended!  It was un-put-downable peeps!! And my poor dog must have thought I was crazy (or crazier for those of you who actually know me) as my emotions could not be kept in check!

The plot was fast paced and flowed seamlessly.  There were times when I wondered if I just might die from excitement…seriously! My heart was racing so fast and I am sure I screamed at my kindle during certain parts as it was just THAT kind of book!! Shaking #bookjunkies!  I was friggin shaking!!!!

McBain is one of my favourite characters, and my bestie really did a number on me with all the twists and turns in this novel.  Kenny is also back….*sigh* I do love me a bad boy….and Kenny O’Neill…well, he is just right! Yummy! ….Ok..minus his need to only go with girls he has to pay for….though if I had to….ok..maybe not! ? I also loved Ale…she was superb and once again, she and Drain were there to support McBain both as colleagues and friends.  Maggie is also back..I was sooooo happy to “see” her and wow…what a part she plays!  No spoilers from this gal though!

But how could I forget Stigmata…<shiver> …I cannot even type his name without feeling a little bit sick.  This guy makes me cringe!  McBain’s nemesis returns and holy crap does he wreak some havoc!  Talk about the past coming back to haunt you!  McBain is put through the wringer and we, as the reader, are along for the ride…and it is one ride you do not want to miss! 

Did I enjoy this book?  Hell Yeah I Did! Do I recommend you get your ass over to amazon and order yourself a copy?  You better…bloody…believe I do! And if you don’t love it…please…please…DO NOT make the mistake of telling me that information, or I am afraid #bookjunkies…you just may find you get a kiss from me…of the Glaswegian kind! ??

To grab yourself a copy of the BEST MCBAIN EVER….click the link below…I guarantee…you will not be sorry!

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