Kiss & Tell ~Claire Knight: Guest Reviewer~

Eeeeeek!  Crimebookjunkie here!  I am dead excited to be posting Claire Knight’s FIRST EVER Guest Review post of Kiss & Tell by Luke Murphy!  So pleased to have Claire on board and hope I can keep her for a little while!  Thanks Claire for your review!  



With the death of her father…

Officer Charlene Taylor has received her dream promotion—working Homicide with the LAPD. Her first case is the high-profile murder of Ken Anderson, a playboy UCLA professor with a haunted past. A mafia kingpin, billionaire tycoon, cheated wife and jaded lover are only a few on a long list of suspects, all with motive and opportunity.

…all hope of reconciliation is lost.

Not only does she feel the pressure from media and her boss to solve her first case, but Charlene must also deal with her father’s murderer, the “Celebrity Slayer,” a serial killer who enjoys baiting her with his knowledge of her life and routines.

Can a rookie detective work two high-profile cases and still keep her sanity?

Claire’s Rating: 3.5 -4 ⭐️ out of 5

Claire’s Review:

Kiss and Tell is a twist on the age old story of the cat and the mouse.

Charlene is a cop with baggage, a father’s name to live up to, a hardworking female in a testosterone filled world, burning life at both ends of the candle. But then an illusive serial killer takes a shine to her, calling her at night, leaving her “presents”. Did this killer take away her father when he dug too deep? On top of this little “friendship”, Charlene is investigating the murder of a college professor, the son in law of one of LA’s most influential millionaires.

I felt Charlene is a credible cop, having watched and read a few American crime shows and books. Her tenacity and gut instinct made her thirst for the truth and gave her all the makings of a good detective. I liked her partner Larry, he starts off as a bit of a grumpy old man but as the investigation goes on, he learns to trust his young partner’s instincts.

The book has a good storyline but sometimes the narrative jumps a little which interrupted the flow to begin with but it wasn’t as noticeable as the story developed. It wasn’t as gritty as some of the British crime novels I’ve read but it is definitely dark with plenty of twists and red herrings to keep you guessing who the two criminals are.

I won’t be saying no to reading more from Luke Murphy and I think it would be interesting to hear more of the investigations Charlene gets her teeth into!

I don’t know about you #bookjunkies, but this will definitely be added to my TBR mountain!  If you are interested in reading this, click the link below to buy yourself a copy!  Thanks again Claire for a such a FAB review!!

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