Written In The Scars ~Review~



Welcome to The Estate – where even the darkest times have their lighter moments…

Scars. Sometimes they’re visible. Sometimes they’re hidden deep within.

After years of living as a single parent, all Donna Adams longs for is someone to make her smile, to share hopes and dreams with, to keep her warm at night. But when that certain someone gives her the attention she craves, true love doesn’t always follow the right path.

Home from the army, Lewis is a changed man. Angry and consumed by grief, troubled by nightmares and flashbacks, his mind is worse now than ever. Shutting out what he’s seen isn’t easy, but he risks losing everything he’s come back to if he doesn’t, including his sanity.

Megan Cooper hides her scars for fear of being rejected. Mary Marshall can’t always remember how she got hers.

If the past could be erased to make a better future, we’d all want that, wouldn’t we? But life is never that easy for the residents of The Mitchell Estate…

WRITTEN IN THE SCARS is the fourth book in The Estate Series but each one can be read as a standalone novel.

My Rating: an easy 5/5

My Review:
I was fortunate enough to be given an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I am a big Mel Sherratt fan and a huge fan of The Estate Series, so when given the opportunity to read this book I squealed…yes literally squealed, with gleeful excitement. I had been waiting for Book 4, Written In The Scars, for a very long time…or at least it felt that way!

The minute I got this book I delved right in and I was not disappointed. Mel Sherratt has a wonderful way of reeling you in to her books. The Estate Series, including this one, is a story about real people, real life and real feeling. I was hooked from the start and literally had to force myself to stop so I had something to look forward to reading the next day. I devoured this book. I could have read it in a few hours easily as the stories and characters really got under my skin.

And of course, the return of one of my favourite characters: Josie Mellor. I feel like I actually know this lady!! How scary is that?! Josie is a housing officer who spends her days not only trying to keep the Estate in order, but really touching the resident’s lives in a bid to help them through their turmoil. Love this lady!!

Something else I love about Mel’s books is how each of the characters become a part of you as you are reading. I felt a wide range of emotions reading these stories…empathy and anger at what poor Donna experienced (no spoilers); sadness for Lewis and willing him to seek help; pure admiration for Megan; and Mary, well she could not always speak for herself and needed the kindness and caring of others. It is true what they say, scars come in many forms…some obvious, some hidden…and how people deal with them can make them stronger or utterly destroy them.

I can honestly say that there was nothing I did not like about this book. It stayed true to form with the grit, suspense, raw emotion and realism that I have come to love about this author’s books!

In case it is not obvious, I highly recommend not only this book, but the whole Estate series!! You have no idea what you have been missing!

Written in The Scars is currently available on amazon for pre order…so what are you waiting for? Click the link!!!

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